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10 Best Gadgets In The Batman: Arkham Games, Ranked | ScreenRant – Screen Rant


Across the four Batman: Arkham games, Batman faces off against many villains and threats, all the while relying on his trusty utility belt filled to the brim with gadgets. From Batarangs to the iconic grapnel gun, the Arkham games give the player the tools to traverse Gotham and fight criminals in many different ways.

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As a superhero without any intrinsic powers, Batman has to put a lot of faith in his equipment. Fortunately, his gear has seen him through four games over the past twelves years, and fans are interested to see what new gadgets pop up in the upcoming Gotham Knights game.

10 Line Launcher

Batman ziplining past a church with the Line Launcher in Batman Arkham City

Introduced in Batman: Arkham Asylum, the Line Launcher is mainly used to traverse chasms and other areas that the grapnel gun cannot, as well as help Batman solve puzzles via a zipline. However, the Line Launcher can also be used effectively in predator and combat missions if used carefully.

Throughout the sequels, the line launcher continues to upgrade with the ability to create a zipline in midair with a single tap of a button. With more upgrades, the line launcher becomes a deadly tool that doubles as an effective means of transporation.

9 Freeze Blast/Glue Grenade

Batman examining the Freeze Blast in Batman: Arkham Knight

With the help of Mr. Freeze, Batman is given the means to incapacitate enemies with a cryogenic grenade. It is introduced in Arkham City and also has the function to create rafts of ice along with proximity mines and cluster bombs. These are most beneficial in predator encounters, allowing for creative takedowns.

In the criminally underrated Batman: Arkham Origins, there is a precursor to this gadget in the glue grenade, a gadget that operates the same way, but instead working with a clay-like substance that hardens. A more underrated purpose for these gadgets is to keep some enemies back during combat, increasing the variation bonus for more points and experience.

8 R.E.C.

Batman examining the Remote Electrical Charge in Batman: Arkham Knight

Also known as the Remote Electric Charge, the R.E.C. fires a positive and negative charge. Its main purpose is to activate electronically controlled doors and other various electric-based puzzles. Whether it’s using an electric current to make a giant crane look bring down a locked door or sold Riddler’s challenges.

Much like the Glue Grenade, it too can be used in combat by stunning enemies. If the player is facing off against a thug with a melee weapon or a large bruiser thug, shocking them with the R.E.C. makes them twirl and can hit their allies by accident. Even Marvel’s Spider-Man features a similar gadget, showing one of many similarities between the Spider-Man game and the Arkham games.

7 Batarang

Batman throwing a Batarang in the rain in Batman: Arkham Knight

When it comes to Batman’s gadgets, most fans are quick to think of his trusty Batarang, which has seen many incarnations in comics, films, and, of course, video games. The Arkhamverse incarnation is multifunctional with the ability to stun an opponent, and, if used properly in battle, it can totally incapacitate them.

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Throughout the series, the Batarang is given many upgrades including the ability to be remotely controlled by Batman. It can also be programmed to reverse direction in mid-flight for specific attacks. Batman can wield up to three Batarangs at once to hit multiple targets.

6 Sonic Batarang

Sonic Batarang unlock screen in Batman: Arkham City

Fans of the predator encounters know how useful this gadget is. This alternate Batarang can be thrown to lure a thug to a spot for Batman to take them down in any way. Alternatively, it can be used as a distraction, allowing the player to take down a different thug.

That is only the beginning of this gadget’s potential, as it can be upgraded throughout the games much like other gadgets. With the proper upgrade, it lures a criminal in only to be surprised by an electric shock. Sadly, it does not have any function in combat missions, but it does lead to fun during stealth.

5 Voice Synthesizer

Batman examining the Voice Synthesizer in Batman: Arkham Knight

Much to the disappointment of longtime fans, the Sonic Batarang was omitted from Batman: Arkham Knight. However, it did receive a spiritual successor in the form of the Voice Synthesizer. While it can’t electrocute thugs, it can still lure them into many traps for the Dark Knight to spring.

Depending on which faction Batman is facing, the Voice Synthesizer allows Batman to imitate the voice of their leader to order them around. It adds a level of comedy to hear Kevin Conroy’s Batman suddenly sound like Tara Strong’s famous Harley Quinn performance. Combined with the remote hacking tool, the Voice Synthesizer can lead to shocks, explosions, or any other tactic the player can come up with.

4 Shock Gloves

Batman fighting thugs with Shock Gloves in Batman: Arkham Origins

Thanks to the Electrocutioner, a young Batman upgrades his gauntlets; when charged with enough kinetic energy, he can activate his new Shock Gloves to deliver electric punches that deal twice the damage.

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As fun as they are, the Shock Gloves are best used for emergencies since they can be a tad overpowered in some fights. The Shock Gloves help in solving several puzzles across the city and even play an important part in the story later on. Sadly, Arkham Origins is the only game in the series to feature this mechanic saves for the Nintendo Wii U port of Arkham City.

3 Disruptor

Batman examining the Disruptor across the Batman: Arkham games

In Arkham Asylum, the many snipers and other gun-wielding enemies can be frustrating to deal with. So, in Arkham City, Rocksteady gave players the means to fend those enemies off with the disruptor. In Arkham City, it does just that, disabling firearms, allowing for unique takedowns and other combat options.

In Arkham Knight, it was upgraded to be able to disable anything from massive drones and turrets to a variety of weapons. As a bonus, using the disruptor twice on a weapon in Arkham Knight will cause it to explode. As the Arkhamverse progressed, the disruptor became one of the most essential gadgets.

2 Explosive Gel

Batman examining the explosive gel gun in Batman: Arkham Asylum

Easily the most used gadget across all four games is the explosive gel. From solving puzzles to special predator takedowns to even defeating some of the many boss fights of the Arkham games. The explosive gel has become the signature weapon of the Arkham games due to its many functions.

It can break down cracked walls to unlock more of the area or be used to demolish an enemy via a trap. It can be implemented into combat, but this requires perfect timing. Alternatively, the explosion can simply be a loud distraction, and it’s clear that Rocksteady was proud of this gadget, as there are many creative ways it can be used across all four games.

1 Grapnel Accelerator

Batman examining the Grapnel Accelerator in Batman: Arkham City

While the explosive gel is the most common gadget, the Grapnel Accelerator is the most essential. Traversing Arkham City can be a chore when Batman can only glide. So, if the player finishes the augmented reality trials, they are rewarded with the Grapnel Accelerator, a device that allows Batman to speed up his grapnel and instantly transition into gliding.

This mechanic became so beloved that Arkham Origins risked continuity to use it despite it being a prototype in Arkham City. In Arkham Knight, it is given upgrades for even faster gliding, allowing for much-improved traversal.

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