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10 gadgets for the DIY enthusiast in your home or on your holiday shopping list – cleveland.com

We all have that person (or persons) in our life who likes to tinker around the house and, sometimes, they are the hardest people to shop for around the holidays.

Check out our list of 10 interesting items available on Amazon that fill the role of other tools, but in new and more interesting ways.

1. Walabot DIY stud finder


Walabot DIY tool

Connect to your Android smart phone to visualize wood and metal studs, pipes and wiring in your walls. Regularly $74.99, the Walabot can currently be purchased for $49.95.

2. Universal socket

Universal socket

Effecteer Universal Socket tool

Fitting standard sockets between one-quarter and three-quarter inches as well as 7-19 millimeters, one tool replaces a much larger (and heavier) tool kit. Purchase this self-adjusting universal socket now for $12.95.

3. Hammer tool kit

It's hammer time with this hammer-shaped tool kit.

Basic tool kit in the shape of Thor’s hammer (courtesy Amazon.com)

A standard tool kit in the shape of the hammer of Marvel’s Thor, it can help you handle the most basic of home repairs. Purchase the Mjolnir hammer tool kit now for $69.99.

4. Flexhead wrench

flex wrench

Flexhead wrench provides up to 180 degrees of flexibility (courtesy Amazon.com)

For every tight space, you need a flexible tool. Functioning as both a regular wrench and a flexible ratcheting wrench, you can purchase this Flexhead wrench today for only $21.99.

5. Magnetic wristband

RAK band

RAK magnetic wristband contains 10 magnets to hold small items in place. (courtesy Amazon.com)

For every time you’ve needed an extra hand, this is the DIY tool for you. The RAK magnetic wrist band can be purchased for $17.99 and has magnets to hold your screws, nails and drill bits in easy reach while you work.

6. Lighted magnetic pick-up tool

magnetic tool

Dream Master telescoping magnetic tool also include a 3-LED light. (courtesy Amazon.com)

For all those hard-to-reach (and poorly lit) spots you drop things comes the Dream Master magnetic tool. Purchase today for $17.99.

7. Edgeworks Pen Multi-Tool

Edgeworks tool

Edgeworks multi-tool is versatile and fits in your pocket. (Courtesy Amazon.com)

Featuring a stylus, level, ruler, screwdriver and more, the Edgeworks multi-tool comes in a solid aluminum body. Purchase today for $12.80.

8. Electric pen engraver

electric engraver

Electric pen engraver comes with replaceable diamond tips (Courtesy Amazon.com)

For use in jewelry making, metal working and glass etching, purchase this DIY Engraver for $14.29.

9. DIY candle making kit

candle making kit

Grab your favorite type of wax and this kit and you’ll have everything you need to make up to 50 candles (courtesy Amazon.com)

Featuring supplies to make 50 of your own candles, purchase this DIY candle making kit for $17.99 (note: wax sold separately).

10. Wood burning marker

wood scorching marker

Use the Big Thumb marker for a safer alternative to a wood-burning pen. (courtesy Amazon.com)

Safer than traditional wood-burning eletric pens, use this wood-scorching marker to draw your designs and then finish with a heat gun. Buy today for $15.99.

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