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10 most useless apps and games for Android – Android Authority (blog)


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Let’s face facts. Some apps are just pointless. They make little noises, do little tricks, and show fun colors. However, at the end of the day, they don’t do anything useful. They lose their charm quickly like those little doo-dads you buy from that one store at the mall. Or they pretend to do something useful but it’s really just hindering your life. Here are the most useless apps for Android.
Some honorable mentions that didn’t make the list are OEM backup apps, antivirus apps, and a few other types. Generally speaking, these kinds of apps have a function, but they’re superfluous to some better option. For instance, OEM backup apps pale in comparison to the built-in backing up that Google does. Instead of antivirus apps, you could just not do things that put your phone at risk. Stuff like that. Let’s get started!

Here’s the thing. Clean Master used to be a pretty decent app. It was a minimal app that let you clean out your junk and give your device more storage. Over time, though, the app added a bunch of pointless, useless features that actually do more harm than good. Now, Clean Master (and similar boosting apps) try to overdo everything by including an antivirus, booster functionality (which doesn’t really work), task killer functions that don’t really work (none do anymore), and makes promises it can’t possibly keep like those medicine salesmen from the 1800s. There are plenty of cleaner apps disguised as regular apps (looking at you, ES File Explorer) which only adds to the mayhem of trying to avoid them. These are useless apps at best and battery draining lies at worst. Avoid them.

Clean Master

Does anyone remember Yo? If not, here’s a reminder. Yo is a messaging app where all you can say is Yo. It is left up to the person receiving the message to figure out what you actually meant. The developer had some fun ideas with this one initially but none of them ever really took off. What we’re left with is an app that was last updated in 2015 that just bounces Yos back and forth forever. When Google Allo came out and everyone proclaimed that it was a useless messaging app, it became clear that all of those people forgot about Yo.


If we missed any of the most useless apps for Android, tell us about them in the comments! To see our complete list of best app lists, click here.

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