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2016 Holiday Gift Guide: Best Cases For iPad Pro, iPad Air And iPad mini – Tech Times


Apple’s products are arguably very polarizing in terms of specs and value, with some opening that there’s no shortage of cheaper and more powerful alternatives eclipsing the Cupertino company’s products in the market. However, one thing people can all agree on, Apple or non-Apple fan, is that all its products are very fragile pieces of technology, often ending up looking like props from a Michael Bay film if not for the best iPad cases you can find out there.

Apple’s current tablet lineup includes the iPad Mini, iPad Air, iPad Air 2, iPad Mini, iPad Mini 4, and the newest model, the iPad Pro, introduced back in September last year.

Nobody wants a premium-looking device embedded with countless scratches, dents, hairline cracks, and smudges, so as a holiday gift guide, here are some of the best cases for the whole iPad lineup.

Best iPad Pro Cases

• Logitech Create Backlit Keyboard

The Logitech Create Backlit Keyboard was designed to specifically integrate with the iPad Pro’s Smart Connect feature, which prompts the device to automatically turn on or off when the case’s flap is lifted. The keyboard, which is powered by the iPad’s battery, automatically pairs with the device when shifted to a typing orientation. Everything about the Create Backlit keyboard simply integrates seamlessly with the iPad Pro. There are three colors available for the 12.9-inch iPad Pro variant and two for the 9.7-inch variant.

The Logitech Create Backlit Keyboard costs $129.95 to $149.95.


Logitech Create Backlit Keyboard

(Photo : Logitech)



• Mofred

The Mofred Case for iPad Pro can supports both vertical and horizontal orientations of the device. A magnetic strip sits inside the case that prompts the iPad Pro to open when lifted. The Mofred Case also comes with its own screen protector and a stylus pen.

The Mofred Case costs about $21 on Amazon.

• Filofax

Filofax has a number of differently-colored 12.9-inch iPad Pro cases, including aquamarine, pear, black and “poppy,” in Filofax’s own words. The cases are touted by the company as a merging between fashion and function, which by its multitude of funky colors and four available constructions — zip, wrap, strap, and elastic orientations — seems accurate.

The Filofax Case costs about $65.

• iVapo Slim Folio

There are iVapo Slim Folio cases for the 9.7-inch and 12.9-inch iPad Pro models, and they both feature a beautiful, ultra-slim, and lightweight design that’s so slim, it can easily slide between a person’s briefcase contents. There’s even a pencil holder and a magnetic closure that automatically turns the device’s screen on and off.

The iVapo Slim Folio case starts at $23.99 for the 9.7-inch iPad Pro and $32.99 for the 12.9-inch iPad Pro.

• Griffin SnapBook

Griffin claims that its SnapBook case will protect the iPad Pro from a six-foot drop onto concrete, which is a pretty bold promise for a case as cheap as $49.99. The built-in keyboard, while not as ergonomically excellent and comfortable than other cases, is made with a rubberized material that doubles as protection for the device’s screen.

The Griffin SnapBook go as low as $30.81 on Amazon.

Best iPad Air and iPad Air 2 Cases

• Booqpad Case

The Booqpad case for iPad 2 has a standard, polycarbonate shell that attaches to a folio cover using magnets, so users can attach and detach it rapidly. The cover acts as a multi-position stand and even comes with its own pad of paper.

The Booqpad case goes for $60.

• Case-Made Leather Thin Case

The classic Case-Made Thin Case for iPad Air 2 features a leather exterior accented with red stitching. It looks and feels like a premium product that greatly complements the device’s already-luxurious build. The device snaps into the case’s plastic shell, replete with gaps for the device’s buttons and ports.

The Case-Made Leather Thin Case for iPad Air 2 goes for about $44.

• Speck StyleFolio Case

The Speck StyleFolio case offers durability and function for either the iPad Air or the iPad Air 2. The case comes with a built-in cushioning material to keep the device snug and protected. The case’s cover folds back to enable a number of landscape angles, while also featuring a locking clasp that securely closes the case. It goes for about $15 on Amazon.

• Targus 3D Protection Case

The Targus 3D Protection Case offers all-around protection for the iPad Air 2, with a rugged build to keep the device securely inside. There’s even a protective bezel for the screen to ward off scratches and the cover itself supports Apple’s automatic sleep/wake feature. The Targus 3D Protection Case costs $39.99 on Amazon.

Best iPad Mini Cases

• Proporta Carbon Fibre

For a devastatingly protective case, users can turn to the Proporta Carbon fire to protect their iPad Mini devices since the case itself has been shotgun-tested, providing stellar protection for the iPad Mini. The exterior is made with leather, a carbon fiber lining, and inside is a microfiber interior to keep the device safe. The Proporta Carbon Fibre for iPad Mini 2 or iPad Mini 3 costs £39.95, or a little above $50.

• Tech21 Patriot Case

The Tech21 Patriot Case is a robust and rugged hard case for the iPad Mini or the iPad Mini 2 and 3. The company’s FlexShock material ensures that the device is snug, safe, and secure even when accidentally embroiled in a number of fatal drop scenarios. The Tech21 Patriot Case costs $89.95 on the Apple online store.

• JETech Slim-Fit Folio

The insanely cheap JETech Slim-Fit Folio case costs a measly a measly $12.99 on Amazon. It features a slip-proof, durable plastic housing and a leather exterior. There’s also an built-in magnet that automatically integrates with Apple’s sleep/wake function.

• STM Dux for iPad mini

For those who can afford to be creative, the STM Dux case for iPad Mini 2 should be a fun purchase. From the front, the product looks ostensibly as just a conventional case with a folio cover that clasps in place via a magnet. But when the case is turned around, the back of the case is clear, showing the iPad Mini’s back panel and the Apple logo. Add photos, notes, or basically anything that slip on the space provided. Artists are already teeming with ideas on what to put in the back, for sure.

The STM Dux costs $49.95 at the Apple online store.

Anything we missed? Feel free to sound off in the comments section below!

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