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5 Cybersecurity Need-to-Knows When Preventing Expensive Data Breaches – CTOvision (blog)


Security breaches can happen to any organization. As more and more companies utilize mobile technology to access and connect with resources the threat of a security breach increases exponentially. Cybersecurity experts predict that the security threats will only increase as cyber criminals become more sophisticated in their attacks. Ransomware continues to be an issue for large and small companies.

1 – Security breaches can happen anywhere and anytime

Companies do a brisk business online. Personal and financial information is collected from business websites. Websites can be quite vulnerable to cyber attacks especially through unsecured channels. Mobile technology has made it quite easy to access information from anywhere in the world through the use of a tablet or iPhone.

2 – Security threats cost both time and money

According to Blue Coat the average security breach costs companies an average of $10,000. This money is often used to pay ransom to release data and restore databases. Reputation rebuilding after a data breach takes time. Security threats quite often cost companies’ time and money to fix recurring errors in data and to stay on top of current cyber attacks.

Every business is vulnerable to cyber attacks. Cyber criminals have become more creative in penetrating security patches. Businesses that handle sensitive information are required to provide tight security that is compliant with government regulations.

3 – All businesses are vulnerable to cyber attacks

It is not just large corporations and businesses that have to worry about cyber attacks these days. Small businesses also need to be concerned. Phishing campaigns are the main avenue for these cyber attacks on small businesses. 43 percent of the phishing campaigns launched in 2015 targeted small businesses.

4 – Cyber attacks can come from a variety of sources

Both employers and employees need to remain vigilant when utilizing online resources. Educating employees on the proper security protocols can minimize but not completely eliminate security threats. Suspicious emails, fraudulent websites and SMS texts with malicious embedded links are the most common ways hackers can get into your servers and infect your network.

5 – The use of mobile technology has increased the vulnerability of company networks to cyber attack

The points of attack and vulnerability to attack have increased with the use of mobile technology to communicate and connect worldwide. The danger of exposing sensitive information is real because the devices aren’t secured properly or maintained securely. The ability to connect and communicate easily and thereby increase productivity could be severely detained through a security breach or cyber attack.

What can be done to eliminate or reduce security breaches? Getting a good understanding of your process platform is a good start in the process of establishing security protocols and regulations that you and your employees can follow.z

Mobile Technology Security Protocols and Actions

Mobile technology is here to stay. Your employees’ productivity often depends on how quickly they can connect with their customers, clients and fellow employees. Employee training in how to utilize this technology is tantamount to creating a safe atmosphere for them and for the company at large.

The operations platform is where you set down the rules you want to be carried out throughout the company. It is also the place where you can establish security protocol. A good mobile security protocol should include:

  • Updated anti-malware software on all mobile devices
  • Encrypted communication through a VPN
  • Strong password authentication or biometric identification
  • Limited use or blockage of third party software
  • Separate and customized gateways for mobile data and communication
  • Secure mobile devices so they can be locked down when not in use
  • Regular mobile audits of devices and the network(s)

It is important to know that employees can be proactive in securing their mobile devices. Conducting penetration testing periodically can help uncover undiscovered errors and provide needed insight into problem areas quickly.

There are many cyber threats now that a large part of business rely upon technology and various networks to keep their company functioning. However, if you’re digitally smart and take the necessary precautions you can help to thwart cyber attacks that are headed your way.

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