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5 Gadgets We Want Robert Pattinson’s Batman To Use (& 5 We Don’t) – CBR – Comic Book Resources

As production for Matt Reeves’ The Batman begins this month, there is no better time to speculate what the upcoming DC film has in store. With details about the plot being limited at best, it’s difficult to predict what Robert Pattinson’s Batman will be like. However, there are certain things the caped crusader should have in his utility belt to assist him in his superhero career.

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Among DC Comics lore, it’s arguable that no other hero has such an extensive gadget history quite like the Dark Knight. From detective gear to the most ridiculous devices, we’re here to detail what gadgets we want Robert Pattinson’s Batman to use and the ones we don’t.


This is an obvious no-no for a modern Batman’s utility belt but it needs to be said anyways. Matt Reeves has already shown his love for the 60s Batman TV series that starred Adam West and Burt Ward as Batman and Robin, respectively. The Bat-Shark Repellent made a limited appearance on the show, but it has since become a fan-favorite gadget due to its ridiculously specific purpose.

Even if it’s unlikely Reeves will go as far as to have Pattinson be equipped with a repellent of some sort, just alluding to the idea that Batman would have equipment like this on him is simply too far-fetched.


Perhaps this is the most basic option, but it is a bare necessity for any version of the Dark Knight. A trusty Bat Grapple covers a lot of ground in its functionality for both combat scenarios and evasion tactics. Even if Matt Reeves is focusing on Batman’s detective sensibilities, having equipment like this would only enhance his pursuit of justice.

Also, to move like a bat he needs something that allows him to maneuver in ways that are impossible without it. Just like the Batarang, a Bat Grapple should always be on-hand in the caped crusader’s utility belt.


Made popular in Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight trilogy, the Batpod is one of the character’s favorite ways to get around town. However, it unnecessarily takes the spotlight away from his main vehicle, the Batmobile. Having a compact version is a valuable tool as his disposal, however, Reeves should rely on making a unique version of the Batmobile that helps define this version of the Batman.

Perhaps Pattinson’s Dark Knight could use it down the line, but the upcoming film should focus on getting him well-situated with the Batmobile.


A Batcomputer is a no-brainer if Pattinson’s Batman is looking to do some investigative work. Its purpose as a conduit for his crime-solving skills rarely changes in each iteration, and only gets more advanced as time goes on. In the film, it should help the superhero investigate mysteries not by solving them for him, but only serve as a tool at his disposal.

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Visually speaking, the Batcomputer is a key part of the imagery from the Batcave and, therefore, helps give the headquarters a specific aesthetic. Without this piece of equipment, it’s not clear if the secret lair would be as iconic as it is.


Even though this isn’t a gadget that Batman always uses, it has indeed been a part of his arsenal from time to time. Notably present in Batman Begins, the Bat Beacon is a device that uses sonar to call in an army of bats at any given time. Although it has its purpose, which includes serving as a distraction to thwart his enemies, it’s simply too on the nose for a superhero called Batman.

The Bat Beacon rarely fails to be one of the most ridiculous gadgets in Batman’s loadout, even in Nolan’s gritty take on the caped crusader.


Although present in many iterations of the Bat, smoke pellets are a tool that rarely gets the time of day in live-action media. The instrument allows him to escape dire situations whether it’s fighting a group of goons or his rogues’ gallery. It can be used in an instant to disorientate his enemies amid battle, a tactic Batman has used in various versions of the character.

Smoke pellets are simply a must-have gadget for a hero that moves in the shadows, using fear to get the advantage on his enemies.


In addition to looking tacky, the Rebreather is a device that unnecessarily takes the stakes away from dangerous situations. Batman always tries to be prepared for anything that is thrown at him, but seeing him struggle and still come out on top is an attribute that people admire about him.

Giving him everything he needs, including a quick way to breathe underwater, is a prime example of when gadgets become more useful than the person. And if Pattinson’s Batman is early in his superhero career, a device like this makes it too easy for the caped crusader.


A fan-favorite device in the Batman: Arkham trilogy, the remote-controlled Batarang is a tool that modernizes Batman’s classic weapon by giving it entirely new functions. As the name suggests, this particular type of Batarang allows for direct control of its trajectory for when the Dark Knight needs it to get it into tight spaces or hit a specific target that he can’t hit otherwise.

Also, Pattinson’s Batman would be the first one to use this device in a live-action version of the character. If Matt Reeves is keen on creating his own take, introducing gadgets such as the remote-controlled Batarang separates it from other film adaptations.


A popular gadget in most versions of Batman, the kryptonite ring has earned its stay in his utility belt. It serves as a deterrent for his long-time friend Superman, just in case the Kryptonian falls out of line. That said, this is one tool that Pattinson’s Batman doesn’t need for a long time, if ever.

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Besides the fact that he’ll likely won’t be interacting with Kal-El anytime soon, having Kryptonite lying around is a sign of distrust with one of the world’s greatest superheroes. There is also simply no need to introduce Superman yet. Just allow audiences to get fully immersed in the world of Gotham and its characters.


Since Matt Reeves’ version of the Dark Knight will rely heavily on his detective sensibilities, it is only logical to give him a tool that perfectly complements that aspect of the hero. Infrared Vision (Detective Mode), made popular by the Batman: Arkham video game franchise, is exactly what Pattinson’s Batman needs for solving the mysteries that haunt Gotham.

Similar to the Bat Computer, the purpose of this device is not to do the work for him, but simply facilitate the investigative process for the world’s greatest detective. And if done properly, it can serve as a way to make the audience feel more immersed in the narrative.

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