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5 Smart Home Gadget That Will Change Your Lifestyle – Sanvada Tech News (blog)

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Sometimes if feels like too much work, to get your work done. Get off the sofa, turn on the TV switch or turn on the speaker. What if I say, everything can be controlled with a simple remote control system. Cool right? Well, today we come up with 5 smart home gadget that you can try to move to next level of smart lifestyle. This age of technology innovators are coming with cool smart gadgets that helps you everyday life, users reviewed that these smart gadgets impact a lot in their life.

So if you are thinking to upgrade your lifestyle to the next level, then you can try out below stated smart home gadget.

List of 5 Best Smart Home Gadget That Will Change Your Lifestyle

Amazon Echo

Do you need someone for help you 24*7? Then amazon echo is here for your help you every day. Whenever you ask echo to do something, it’s highly programmed system will reply you accordingly. Like if you want uber to be booked, just tell echo to book uber for you. This cool device will book uber for you also will tell you when it will arrive to you. Likewise, it also can be connected with many automations like nest, thermostat, fit bit to get automatic updates.

Nest Learning Thermostat

It can control your boiler and water heating automatically. If you forgot to switch it off, nest comes with smartphone applications to control the whole system. Also, this device is so smart that it can give you the update of whole month energy usages sending you a simple mail every month. This device is has lots of useful features to encourage your smart living.

Elgato Eve Degree

Now this is another smart gadget that you can use. It’s an automatic weather sensor that can capture the reports of humidity, temperature, atmospheric pressure. This device is water resistance, so you can use to get under water weather reports. Also, you can easily connect with your I Phone, and if you ask siri to give you the current weather reports.


Now this gadget is not for you. What? yes it’s for your dog. Comes with a dog microphone and speaker that let you talk with your dog anytime, even when you are not with your dog. Now, if you forgot to feed your dog, that’s no more problem with furbo, with the simple click on your smartphone you can eject the foods for your dog anytime. It comes with an app that is available for android as well as for IOS users.

Elgato Eve Energy

With elgato eve energy smart power system, one can simply get into home automation. This smart gadget enables your device plugs into your wall socket, and then you can plug your light, fan, light, and almost anything you want to connect. Also, it has smart management system that gives you the electric consumption usages for the whole month.

These are some of most advance smart home gadget that you can try to advance your livings. However, this is just beginning; more is going to come into our daily life. Innovators are developing more gadgets for daily life to take our living to the next level.



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