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Abyss Horizon, 17+ Fan-Service Gacha Game Launches On iOS – One Angry Gamer


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Illusion Studios released Abyss Horizon, their waifu heavy gacha game for Apple devices, as well as updated the Android release on the Google Play store. The game is basically an 17+ answer to Azur Lane and Fate/Grand Order.

It’s described as a 3D RPG with “Naval Belles” who take on the form of heavy artillery, waifu ships. The objective is to acquire the girls, form a fleet, and head into battle against the enemy.

You can download the latest version from the Google Play Store or from the iTunes App Store.

Abyss Horizon - Sora Amamiya

What’s so shocking about it is that the game is rated ‘M’ for Mature by the ESRB, and yet surprisingly Google and Apple allowed it on their stores. With all the censorship happening across the industry, this seems like a small but notable victory for gamers looking for a title that (hopefully) won’t succumb to the increasingly acidic nature of censorship.

What’s actually kind of impressive about Abyss Horizon is that the battles take place in fully rendered 3D arenas, as depicted in the screenshots on GamePress.

There’s also dating sim mechanics and the ability to hook up with the waifu of your choice.

You can see what the actual combat mechanics are like with the obnoxious video below from FG3000.

Now, like any gacha game it’s all about milking the poor weebs and otaku of their hard-earned shekels, and there’s plenty of that going around in Abyss Horizon, mostly due to unlocking both the girls and their alternate skins.

As mentioned in the video above, you can acquire the hot and sexy evil waifus by grinding but you don’t gain access to their evil skin. You have to basically spend cash shop coins to unlock their evil skin, since once you “purify them” you get them when they have their “good” skin.

So yeah, you can easily see how there’s a money pit and a gacha trap for people with poor impulse control.

However, if you were tired of all the Azur Lane shenanigans you can at least give Abyss Horizon a go and see if it fills your desires for a mobile game you can play on the go while appreciating some gorgeously drawn anime chicks.

(Thanks for the news tip Prince Villasor)

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