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Apple Memoji: Face Masks & Other New Customization Options In iOS 14 – Screen Rant

Apple made a number of iOS 14 announcements recently, including greater custom options for Memoji, such as covering the face with a mask.

Along with a number of other announcements in the past week, Apple confirmed some of the new Memoji features included with iOS 14. It was a busy month for the company, even though there was no in-person attendance at its recent 2020 Apple Worldwide Developers Conference keynote. Instead, the event was delivered by way of a series of pre-recorded videos throughout the week. Besides the Memoji updates, Apple released plenty of information on iOS 14, as well as on the upgrades coming to iPad and Apple Watch.

In September 2018, Apple introduced iOS 12 and with it, piloted an exciting new feature called Memoji. Unlike your run-of-the-mill emoji, Memoji allow Apple users to re-create themselves in emoji form. Users were no longer confined to the select skin tones of traditional emoji and instead gained the freedom to customize, according to a specific skin tone, hair color (and style), eye color, freckles, and so on. Once a user has created their Memoji, it becomes a sticker pack that can be used on iMessage, WhatsApp, Facebook, as well as other messaging and social networking platforms.

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As part of the recent announcements, Apple has tweaked the Memoji feature for iOS 14. In 2019, Apple introduced more features to customize Memoji, like glasses, hats and AirPods, as well as skin tone, makeup, and facial hair. However, COVID-19 has ushered in a time where masks are mandatory in public and this has led to the inclusion of a variety of face coverings for Memoji in iOS 14. Although the new updates have now been announced, Apple did not set an official release date. The only information the company shared at the time was that the upgrades would be available in the autumn. In the meantime, here’s a closer look at the upgraded Memoji experience.

What’s New With Memoji In iOS 14

Memoji iphone

Apple is set to allow its users the luxury of a number of new hairstyles. For example, Memoji can sport a man bun, top knot, or simple side parting. In addition, sixteen new headwear styles will provide users the opportunity to show off their profession or hobby. Some of the new additions include a cyclist helmet, nurse cap, and swim cap. Whether users are a young-looking silver fox or a baby-faced youth, six new age options allow users to further, and more accurately, customize their look. In order to make the Memoji more expressive, Apple has completely revamped the facial and muscle structures. Furthermore, Memoji are going to be more emotionally expressive in the future, with three new stickers that let users send a hug, fist bump, or blush.

Considering some users like to customize their Memoji on a daily basis to match their look, these features will make the customization possibilities even more varied and accessible. With iOS 14, Apple appears to be taking Memoji to the next level, and allowing users to create more of a mini-me that is increasingly more accurate than what other solutions currently offer.

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