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Apple rumored to announce iPad, Mac lineup update at launch event – KTVU San Francisco

– Apple is set to unveil its newest products at a big launch event Tuesday. It’s being held at the Steve Jobs Theater at the Apple’s headquarters in Cupertino.

Apple is rumored to update its iPad and Mac lineup and introduce streaming services. Experts are not expecting a radically different iPhone.

“I’m really excited to see what happens next with iPhone,” said Waheed Majrooh of Union City. “The last few generations have been mediocre upgrades. This is the big moment for Apple to come back on the scene.”

“I don’t think we are going to see any revolutionary changes,” said Larry Magid, CEO of ConnectSafely.org. “I think the form factor will look pretty much how they look today.”

Tech expert Larry Magid said early predictions are the new iPhones will look a lot like its predecessors. Apple is expected to introduce three new models of the iPhone 11 with modest upgrades including faster processors, improved Face ID and new camera features ranging in price from $750-$1,100.

“They will say this is the best iPhone yet and of course it will be the best iPhone yet otherwise why bother but I think we will see a bigger development the following year when we are going to see the 5G and complete redesign,” said Magid.

The lack of major upgrades comes as Apple’s competitors have made big changes. Magid showed us his Samsung Galaxy Note 10’s nearly all-screen design with stylus.

Some experts said the future of mobile devices is lightning fast 5G and foldable displays. Apple is expected to wait until 2020 with 5G phones.

“I think Apple is no longer way ahead in innovation,” said Magid. “I think they are on par with Samsung and Google.”

This comes as the smartphone industry has stalled and new tariffs imposed on goods imported from China are also slated to hit iPhone and other electronics.

Consumers are also hanging onto less expensive phones longer.

“I own a iPhone 7 so it’s been awhile since I upgraded to a new phone,” said Ajay Kulkarni of Campbell.

Kulkarni is in the market for a new phone and wants a 5G phone but said he’s not willing to wait any longer.

“I already feel my iPhone quality is not as good as the iPhone 10,” said Kulkarni. “I’m looking for a new camera and better resolution.”

Tech experts said the company will likely talk about Apple TV and its new video streaming services Tuesday as well.

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