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Asus Rog launches "next generation gaming PC event" – Gamereactor UK


The stream is set to be held over two days and will feature a special segment on the TUF RTX30 series.

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Going new ways to connect with potential customers, Asus ROG will be hosting a two-day live event on September 26 and 27 at 15:22 BST.

A press release states: “These two days will be dedicated to showcasing the next generation of PC gaming hardware including the new RTX 30 series graphics cards. Hosted on YouTube as well as Twitch we will team up with the popular case modders Timpelay and Forsberg Customs, inspiring you to build some really high-end PCs. Just like at regular events there will be plenty of ASUS staff available to answer those techy questions. During the second day, we will put our RTX 30 gaming setups to the test, tweaking, and finally benchmarking with some of the latest new gaming titles. “

There will be quizzes, give-aways, and prices, as well as discounts.

There will also be a special segment on the TUF RTX30 series, which coincidentally, Gamereactor is currently reviewing.

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The stream will be available here.

Asus Rog launches "next generation gaming PC event"Asus Rog launches "next generation gaming PC event"


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