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ASUS ROG unveils Strix Impact wired gaming mouse with RGB lighting and DPI button – BetaNews



When it comes to gaming mice, there are often two schools of thought for design. Some manufacturers go overboard, thinking consumers want flashy-looking mice with tons of features. Other makers go a more conservative route, where the user wants fewer distractions. Neither is wrong — consumers have different tastes. There is also the wired vs. wireless debate, with many gamers preferring the former for reduced lag and no need for battery charging.

Today, ASUS ROG (Republic of Gamers) unveils an all-new wired mouse with a more conservative design approach. Called “Strix Impact,” the wired gaming mouse is certainly attractive, but it does not look not too funky or childish. The RGB lighting allows the owner to customize the appearance, while a dedicated button lets them change the DPI on the fly. The ambidextrous-friendly mouse is also built to last, with high-quality Omron button switches, which ASUS ROG claims will last for over 50 million clicks!

“ROG Strix Impact was designed with input from pro gamers to ensure it meets the needs of even the most demanding players. The lightweight design — it weighs just 91 grams excluding the cable — reduces strain on the wrist and arm during long gaming sessions, while increasing movement speed. Its ergonomic shape is comfortable to hold and use with any grip type, and its ambidextrous design makes it equally suited to both right- and left-handed gamers. Adding to comfort and usability, the left and right mouse buttons on ROG Strix Impact are separate from the mouse body, reducing the force and travel distance required for each click and providing a more tactile button response,” says ASUS ROG.

The company also shares, “A DPI switch lets gamers make on-the-fly sensitivity adjustments to suit different gaming scenarios without the need to open a separate software window and take themselves out of the action. A DPI indicator lets them know what the current setting is with just a quick glance. ROG Strix Impact also has a low-friction cable with a specialized rubber coating that reduces cable friction and snagging for increased speed and easy movement, and an angled cable attachment point to minimize cord drag.”


ASUS ROG shares the following specifications.


Wired via USB 2.0

Tracking resolution

5000 DPI optical sensor

Tracking speed

130 IPS

Tracking acceleration



Omron D2FC-F-K (50M)

OS compatibility

Windows 10

Windows 8.1

Windows 7


115 x 62 x 39mm


112g with cable

91g without cable

Unfortunately, ASUS ROG fails to disclose both pricing and availability for the Strix Impact wired gaming mouse. With that said, more information should be unveiled soon. If you are interested in buying it, you should keep checking your favorite retailers like Newegg and Amazon.

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