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Australian educator teaching iOS app development in Swift – Illinoisnewstoday.com


Apple has partnered with an Australian educational institution to help teach students coding using the programming language Swift. TAFE Queensland will begin offering the state’s first iOS course program, co-created with Apple, in October 2021. This course is expected to help Australia keep pace with the latest international innovations. The demand in the industry continues to grow.

“Developing in Swift combines creativity and coding in ways that aren’t possible in other languages ​​to solve problems and create the world’s next innovative app, from ideas to design, development and distribution on the App Store. It provides students with the basic skills to do it. ” Jackie French, director of creative arts and digital design in TAFE Queensland.

Open source languages ​​have provided the foundation for the vast range of apps available on the App Store. Since the launch of the store in 2008, the iOS app ecosystem has grown tremendously. Currently, there are about 2 million apps on the App Store. Billing and sales in 2020 exceed $ 600 billion..

“There are a lot of jobs and courses for developers. Currently, there are about 160,000 people in Australia and 408,000 in the UK,” he said. Digital Learning Portal www.Metalecture.com.. “The app economy is booming, and Swift is fast, secure, and extremely readable, making it the perfect language to teach new programmers.”

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Two high schools in Queensland (St. Augustine’s College and Siena Catholic College) also use Swift to teach students the basics of app development. And the reception from both students and teachers is very positive and we believe that language develops both creativity and analytical skills.

“Our decision to choose Swift was clear and based on the simplicity, variety and infinite creativity that the language offers. Every day, students develop enterprising ideas and I see them designing real-world solutions to their problems and building the skills that are essential to the success of the 21st century. Today, here are the blockbuster developers of the future. I’m convinced of that. I am incredibly proud of it, “said Paul Dionysius, who teaches at the Siena Catholic University.

The state of Energy Queensland, which is responsible for the state’s electricity management, is also participating in this action. The company first offered employees the opportunity to develop software solutions using Swift in 2018. iPhone To 7,500 workers.

More recently, Energy Queensland has run a five-day program that gives students the opportunity to see how Swift is changing the way the company operates.

Dan Massey of Energy Queensland said: “Innovation is central to Energy Queensland’s success, both in terms of how it uses technology to deliver better results and services, as well as how organizations share these insights with schools and students … A Certainly. A good skill pipeline is essential to the success of our students and the state. This program is passionate about what we are implementing and planning for growth. “

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