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Black Clover Phantom Knights Releases in English for iOS and Android – Screen Rant

The Black Clover Phantom Knights English release has finally come, allowing more fans of the popular anime series to try out the mobile kingdom defense RPG title that has seen a decent following emerge from its initial release in Japanese-speaking markets. Black Clover Phantom Knights originally released in July 2018, where it was met with a strong response from fans of the property, who felt the strategic RPG title lived up to expectation for what a mobile experience of the game’s universe and setting should feel like.

For those unfamiliar, Black Clover is an immensely popular manga and anime, and is a top performer in the shonen genre. Black Clover follows Asta, a boy who dreams of becoming the most powerful mage in a world steeped with magic despite having no ability to cast spells himself. When he uncovers a grimoire (the source of magical spells and abilities for each top mage) with a black clover on it, his life is thrown into chaos as he begins to wield a power that runs counter to what other users have access to. It’s typical shonen fair, but the universe, which is a blend of Harry Potter and Fairy Tail on top of some other shonen tropes, has ensnared many fans and keeps the property accessible and interesting to those who aren’t that familiar with other titles in anime as well.

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Black Clover Phantom Knights has been preparing for its English language release for some time now, and the official launch of both its iOS and Android versions is live now. Black Clover Phantom Knights tasks players with building up their own kingdom to create their group of Magic Knights and become more powerful. Fans can choose many series favorites to join their squads, including Asta, Yuno, Yami, and Noelle, alongside original characters designed specifically for Black Clover Phantom Knights.

The team is also planning to add new content at a rapid clip to help make the Black Clover Phantom Knights English release on iOS and Android as appealing to new players as possible. New content will include summons of characters that fans love as well as a free 11x Summon every day for eight consecutive days. As Black Clover Phantom Knights contains many of the randomized character collection elements fans have come to expect from anime mobile titles, those free summons will be particularly useful for new players looking to build out their team.

While Black Clover Phantom Knights probably isn’t revolutionizing the mobile gaming world any time soon, the English release of a nice iteration on anime mobile gaming tropes will nevertheless be a welcome addition to the platforms its housed on. Black Clover is a popular anime and one that lends itself well to character collection and team building, making Black Clover Phantom Knights a worthwhile title to try out for consumers who want a new game to kill time or for die-hard fans of Asta and friends.

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Black Clover Phantom Knights is available now on iOS and Android.

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