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Black Friday graphics card deals 2019 – PC Gamer

Where to find Black Friday deals

Amazon – All the things
Walmart – Games, Movies, Budget Laptops
B&H – Monitors, Laptops, and PCs
Best Buy – PCs, Laptops, and Accessories
Target – Games, Accessories, and Laptops
Staples – Gaming Chairs
Lenovo – Discounts on Legion Laptops and PCs
Gamestop – Games and Toys
Razer – Laptops and Gaming Accessories
Newegg – Components and Hardware 
Microsoft – PCs, Laptops, and Games
Dell – Alienware PCs and Laptops
NZXT – 10% off all builds

Getting a Black Friday graphics card deal is vital. Building a gaming PC should start with the GPU because, more so than any other component, it has the biggest impact on what resolution and visual quality settings you can run your games. Doesn’t matter if you go Nvidia or AMD, power really is key. Problem is that GPUs tend to be expensive, so the influx of Black Friday graphics card deals presents an opportunity to get more horsepower for your money than you might otherwise get. And depending on how old your current graphics card is, upgrading can be the difference between being able to play a particular game at all, or watching others have all the fun on YouTube and Twitch streams.

The first order of business is to figure out how much you’re willing to spend on a Black Friday graphics card deal, and then looking at what your options are at whatever budget you’ve set. You also need to decide if you want to buy an AMD or Nvidia card. There are plenty of deals on both, though if you own one of the best G-Sync monitors, it makes sense to pair it with an Nvidia. Likewise, an AMD GPU is the ideal mate for a FreeSync monitor (though Nvidia has certified some FreeSync displays being G-Sync Compatible).

Even if you’re not interested in owning the latest and greatest either company has to offer, new cards inevitably lead to deals on older models as vendors look to clear out old stock. Due to this, discounted GPUs make for some of the best Black Friday PC gaming deals around.

Top 5 Black Friday graphics card deals

Best graphics card deals right now

EVGA Geforce RTX 2080 Super | 8GB GDDR6 | $669 (save $20)
This is a small discount on a card that can manage 4K 60 fps in many games, bringing it closer to the price of an overclocked RTX 2080. This is the lowest price we’ve seen for this card, which probably won’t get any massive surprise discounts since it launched this year. Use code BLACKFR34.View Deal

XFX Radeon RX 570 4GB XXX | $99.99 ($30 off)
The RX 570 remains the best budget pick around, now selling for just $100 (after the $20 mail-in rebate). You also get Borderlands 3 or Ghost Recon Breakpoint and three months of Xbox Game Pass. Performance is similar to the GTX 1650.View Deal

Best UK graphics card deals right now

Black Friday graphics cards—how long do they last?

(Image credit: Nvidia)

Retailers have been rolling out their hottest deals for a couple weeks now, even though Black Friday just officially started. November 29 is very much zero hour as Amazon, Walmart, Newegg, Micro Center, and Best Buy are the places unleashed their premiere deals on GPUs. Cyber Monday will also have some good sales, and usually by the Tuesday after Thanksgiving, the sales will start to taper off. However, they won’t truly go away until the ghost of Christmas is past.

Not every graphics card is likely to see major discounts. The RTX 2080 Ti is still difficult to find below the nominal $1,199 price Nvidia offers on the Founders Edition, and $999 models (the entry price) are rarer than hen’s teeth. Newer models like the RX 5700 series and Nvidia’s Super cards are also less likely to see massive discounts, while any remaining models from previous generations that are still in stock could go on clearance. Because the best deals sell out quickly, and many sales only last as long as the supplies last, don’t hesitate to grab a card if the price falls more than 15 percent below the normal price.

How to save money on graphics cards during Black Friday

(Image credit: Future)

You’ve decided it’s time. Your once-proud gaming rig is struggling to run the latest games at the resolution and settings you’d like. It’s time to upgrade, but you still want a good deal. But what constitutes a good deal? We’ll be here to guide you during Black Friday proper, highlighting the best deals and even the modest savings. But here are some tips to get you and your wallet prepared.

1. Know your needs ahead of time
Are you aiming for 60fps at 1080p, 1440p, or 4K? If you only have a 1080p display, there’s far less need to go whole hog on the graphics card. Check out our performance analysis articles to see how the latest games run across a variety of hardware, along with our GPU buying guide. More importantly, decide how much you’re willing to spend, and don’t expect extreme discounts on the latest graphics cards. Black Friday can be nice, but graphics cards rarely drop by more than 20 percent compared to the normal price.

2. Use a few price comparison websites
Speaking of which, PC Gamer is a good place to hang while Black Friday goes down. We’ll have people working around the clock to find the best deals available, but it doesn’t hurt to learn a few tools of the trade yourself. Price comparison sites like CamelCamelCamel will give you a good snapshot of your desired graphics card’s price history. That way you can sort the real deals from the pretenders. For example, we’ve routinely seen RX 590 cards selling for $190 during the past several months, even though the original MSRP was $279. A real deal on an RX 590 would be around $160 or less.

3. Check for combo deals if you’re in need of more upgrades
Chances are, if your graphics card is getting long in the tooth, the rest of your PC could probably use a few upgrades as well. Sometimes you can get an even better deal if you pick up a combo that includes a motherboard, CPU, and GPU. Or maybe even an entirely new PC is the way to go. Today’s budget PCs are faster than high-end PCs from five years ago, so think about whether a new graphics card will be sufficient. Maybe you can sell off your current PC or gift it to a friend, then get a more significant upgrade for yourself. ‘Tis the season!

Official graphics card prices versus street prices

When new GPUs launch, AMD and Nvidia set official prices for the first cards. Sometimes prices end up a bit higher, but more likely than not, over time the prices will trend downward. The following table compares the launch pricing to the current (as of early October 2019) prices you can find online. Some deals are already showing up, meaning the bottom of the street price range can be a good buy right now. If you find any deals priced significantly below the pre-Black Friday pricing, you know you’ve found something worth buying.

GPU Model Official MSRP Current Street Price
Nvidia RTX 2080 Super $700 $700-$800
Nvidia RTX 2070 Super $500 $500-$575
Nvidia RTX 2060 Super $400 $400-$450
Nvidia RTX 2080 Ti $1,000/$1,200 $1,050-$1,350
Nvidia RTX 2080 $700/$800 $600-$750
Nvidia RTX 2070 $500/$600 $420-$500
Nvidia RTX 2060 $350 $300-$360
Nvidia GTX 1070 Ti $450 $520+ (don’t buy)
Nvidia GTX 1660 Ti $280 $240-$300
Nvidia GTX 1660 $220 $200-$250
Nvidia GTX 1650 $150 $140-$175
AMD Radeon VII $700 $700+
AMD RX 5700 XT $400 $380-$480
AMD RX 5700 $350 $330-$390
AMD RX 590 $280 $190-$280
AMD RX 580 8GB $240 $160-$250
AMD RX 570 4GB $200 $130-$180

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