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Call of Duty Mobile: New Akimbo Weapon is the Best Secondary – Essentially Sports

Call of Duty Mobile Season 12 just went from being drab to grind galore. The Desert Eagle, or Deagle as we commonly know it, was released in the game yesterday.

For free to play players, the grind is a bit more than players who can afford to pay. CoDM is calling it the .50 GS. This is because of licensing issues with the other studios associated with CoD.

Nonetheless, whatever might be the name, the Deagle is a favorite among players in the CoD community. Therefore, within hours of its release, players could be seen spamming the .50 GS in every match.

But if you haven’t acquired it yet, here are the two ways you could lay your hands on one.

CoDM released a lucky draw with the first legendary character yesterday. In the same draw, they released the first legendary pistol, .50 GS- Calamity.

Unlocking the lucky draw completely will not just give you the pistol, but also open the Akimbo perk for it. Yes, .50 GS is officially the second Akimbo weapon in the game.

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How to unlock the .50 GS in Call of Duty Mobile?

Buying an expensive draw is not the way for free to play players. For them, grinding to unlock the weapon is the only option. A new seasonal challenge called ‘Small Arms’ will let F2P unlock the gun as a reward.

The Akimbo perk needs to be unlocked separately. Players need to get double kills 20 times in multiplayer matches to unlock Akimbo.

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Whether the gun is broken, it is simply a matter of personal skill. The gun has high recoil and low fire rate. With Akimbo you can technically one tap a player in close range, but with a little distance, the accuracy becomes trash.

Unlike the Fennec, Akimbo .50 GS is no skill weapon. It is a fair addition to the game that we believe will not annoy most players. It is also a secondary weapon and therefore practically all primary weapons are better than it.

Here is a suggested gunsmith build for the .50 GS.

  • Muzzle- MIP Light Flash Guard
  • Perk- Akimbo
  • Laser- MIP Laser 5mW
  • Trigger Action- Lightweight Trigger
  • Ammunition- Large Extended Mag B

Watch this space for more news on Call of Duty. Watch the Akimbo Deagle gameplay below.

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