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Can the iPad Replace a Professional Drawing Tablet? – PCMag

Are you a professional illustrator trying to determine if the iPad can replace a drawing tablet from a company like Wacom? We compare both products to see which is best.

Drawing tablets like those made by Wacom allow artists to create gorgeous digital art using the skills they’ve honed in physical media for years. Now Apple, with its Apple Pencil and latest-generation iPads, wants to provide the same features in a universal tablet for everyone. But is it up to the task?

For this comparison we’ll look at two broad categories of devices: iPads and dedicated drawing tablets. Each category offers a lot of nuance. Apple has the iPad Pro, which starts at $800, all the way down to the iPad mini for half the price, but with fewer features.

Meanwhile, companies like Wacom make smaller drawing tablets you connect to an external computer, up to full-fledged Windows 10 PCs inside a touch-screen tablet that cost over two grand.

We won’t dive into the specifics of each model. Rather, we’ll take a broad look at the features a professional looks for in a drawing tablet, and compare them to Apple’s iPad line. Let’s dive in.

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