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CRIME TRACKERS: Elderly man has new iPad stolen right under … – KVOA Tucson News

ORO VALLEY – An 83-year-old man who just bought a new iPad had it ripped off from under his nose at an Oro Valley Restaurant. The general manager Jack Dodson told News 4 Tucson, “It’s terrible the fact he took advantage of him.”

The Oro Valley Police Department said the suspect took advantage of the elderly man. 

They reported the suspect overheard the older gentleman say he has just bought the iPad and needed some help setting it up. 

The suspect told him he would help him and the victim bought him a beer to thank him.

The general manager said elderly victim, “Had his brand new iPad box and i jokingly said something to him, oh you got a new toy so he sits down and he’s all excited,” Dodson said. “The other gentleman was there trying to show him how to get it started and how to work the tablet.”

OVPD Sgt. Carmen Trevizo said, “Our victim received a phone call and our suspect took that opportunity to steal this victim’s iPad right out from under his nose.”

This was captured on surveillance cameras and the bartender saw it unfold. 

The general manager said, the bartender told him, “Did you see so and so he left with that gentleman’s tablet. So we came out to the parking lot and looked around, and the customers are looking around for this guy who’s apparently walked out with the tablet.”

The suspect also walked out without paying his tab of nachos and a beer.

Sgt. Trevizo said it was such a blatant disregard for the victim. “It is Christmas time and you would hope that people are actually in a more giving mood and not taking advantage of other people,” 

The folks at Native Grill and Wings are devastated, and they want the victim to get his tablet back.

His message for the thief, “You know karma is a big deal”

If you know who the man is or have information call 911 or 88-CRIME. 

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