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Cyber-partisans hack websites of state channels in Belarus – 112 International

In Belarus, the evening online broadcast of the state television channels Belarus 1 and ONT was interrupted by videos about the beating of protesters. Hackers from the cyber-partisans group claimed responsibility for the attack, TUT.BY reports.

In particular, on the website of the Belteleradiocompany, the broadcast of an interview with the interim Minister of Health Dmitry Pinevich on the rise in the number of Covid-19 infections in the country was interrupted by footage depicting harsh detentions of protesters against the official presidential election results.

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The same videos interrupted the online broadcast on the ONT TV channel website. The channel later turned off its online broadcasting, as did the main state TV channel Belarus 1, which, according to DW, was also attacked.

Meanwhile, the following message appeared on the “cyber-partisans” Telegram channel: “If Belteleradiocompany does not want to show people the truth, we will show it.”

As we reported before, in Minsk (Belarus), sporadic detentions of protesters began. At the same time, the protesters say they are not going to leave.

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