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Dell retains PC sales leadership in Brazil – ZDNet


Dell remains the leader of the Brazilian PC market in the third quarter of 2016 across all segments.

Leader for the seventh consecutive quarter, the company sold 24,5 percent of all personal computers to domestic users and also to small and medium enterprises as well as large organizations, according to IDC data released by the manufacturer.

The company claims the biggest share of all desktops sold (22,7 percent of all units sold), notebooks ( 25,6 percent) and workstations (61,7 percent) during the period.

“[The leadership] reflects a strategy of brand expansion, the quality of our solutions and a complete equipment portfolio that addresses the most diverse needs of consumers in terms of performance, design and functionality,” says Dell Brazil’s vice president for end consumers and small businesses, Rosandra Silveira, in a statement.

“Brazil represents one of the top markets in the world for Dell PCs and it is a booming territory for the brand. Proof of this lies in the fact that in the last year we launched the first gaming computers with the Dell and Alienware brands and also boosted the portfolio of 2-in-1 laptops in the country,” Silveira adds.

According to Dell, the performance of the third quarter of 2016 is not only a record of sales in Brazil, but also the biggest percentage in terms of market share in the local market that company has managed to achieve so far.

Separate research recently published by IDC suggests that Q3 was the worst of the year for the PC market in Brazil with a 35 percent decline in relation to the same period a year ago and 11 percent down on the second quarter. The analyst also predicts that overall PC sales for 2016 will see a total decline of at least 31 percent on 2015 figures.

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