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Dragon Ball: 10 Ways Android 17 Is Completely Different Between GT & Super – CBR – Comic Book Resources

GT & Super follow two separate stories of the Dragon Ball franchise with noticeable differences in Android 17’s character.

There are many anime series that have left undeniable marks on the medium, but Dragon Ball continues to be one of the most recognizable properties across the world. Dragon Ball has evolved in exciting ways since its debut and it’s found how to remain relevant as well as influence many of the changes within the shonen world.

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Dragon Ball Z is followed by both Dragon Ball GT and the more recent Dragon Ball Super. Both of these anime bring back Dragon Ball Z’s underutilized Android 17, which comes as a major surprise in both cases, but there are some significant differences between these two takes on the character.

10 He’s The Product Of Two Scientists In Dragon Ball GT

One of the major differences between how Dragon Ball GT and Super approach the character is that Dragon Ball GT introduces a replicant, Hell Fighter 17, that combines with the regular Android 17. Hell Fighter 17 is made by Dr. Myuu, a deranged scientist that meets Dr. Gero while they’re both in hell. These scientists work together to put together this master plan that results in a rift between Earth and hell where many deceased fighters are unleashed. However, it also makes GT’s take on 17 the product of two evil masterminds.

9 He Has A Wife & Family In Dragon Ball Super

Dragon Ball Super is extremely satisfying with how it brings back some neglected Dragon Ball Z characters like Future Trunks and Android 17. Android 17’s return comes as a major surprise, but it’s an even larger shock in Dragon Ball Super since when he’s met, he now has a wife and kids. Android 17 appears to have taken a page out of Android 18’s book with a more domestic life. Android 17 explains that one of his children is biological, whereas the other two are adopted. It’s a nice and healthy existence for the character.

8 He Fuses & Becomes Super Android 17 In Dragon Ball GT

Android 17 inadvertently becomes one of Dragon Ball GT’s most dangerous antagonists and a serious challenge for Goku. Android 17 has become a recluse, but the artificial Hell Fighter 17 has been sent from hell to fuse with him to form an evil new creation.

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The result, Super Android 17, is arguably the most dangerous Android that Goku has gone up against and a strong reminder of what a threat the Androids initially were. This fusion solidifies 17 as a villain, whereas Super takes the opposite approach with the character.

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