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'Dragon Ball Super' Fans Spot Something Special About Android 17's Final Words – Comicbook.com

Dragon Ball Super fans never saw Android 17’s comeback coming. The hero was hyped when it was announced he would return for the ‘Universal Survival’ arc, but nobody thought he’d become one of its MVPs. The anime’s newest episode proved what a champ Android 17 has become, but his final words did take some fans back.

This weekend, Dragon Ball Super returned with its 127th episode. The release saw Goku and Vegeta fight Jiren to little avail, but Android 17 was able to create a battle strategy to take the Universe 11 survivor down. However, the hero did not get a chance to see his plan through; Android 17 ended up sacrificing himself to save his Saiyan comrades, and his final words surprised audiences.

In his last moments, Android 17 did not say anything about his family or friends. He did not even address Android 18 as she watched him prepare a suicide attack. No, the hero simply said, “Sacrificing myself for others… I kind of like how human that is.”

Fans were quick to discuss the odd line as Android 17 isn’t human – well, not anymore. The fighter was born human along with his twin sister before Dr. Gero turned them into all-powerful androids. When they were resurrected after the ‘Cell’ saga, the two went on with their lives, but Android 17 was always fascinated by his lost humanity.

In fact, back in Dragon Ball Z, Android 17 wanted to drive to Goku’s place rather than fly. Android 16 took the wish in stride, but 18 made sure to make fun of her brother for the “pointless” desire. Even when the hero thought he was superior to mankind, Android 17 wanted to experience the things which men did. And, now, the fighter can add self-sacrifice to that list.

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