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eBay Account Hacking in the Time of Coronavirus – EcommerceBytes

Sat Mar 28 2020 11:24:49

By: Ina Steiner

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A reader reported his account was hacked yesterday morning and used to make a $5 purchase. He was online and quickly changed the password – “not sure if they got any of our personal information or not,” he told us.

Account hacking is not new, but he grew concerned when he tried to notify eBay and found no one available to talk to. Because of the coronavirus pandemic, eBay informed users on March 18th it had transitioned its customer service agents to work from home.

The reader said when he checked the eBay boards, he found numerous people reporting having their accounts hacked, and said, “Looks like the scammers and hackers have figured out there is no customer support currently is my guess.”

He provided the following links to eBay community posts over the last few days:


One would expect eBay to have employees responding to such reports in the forums now that it doesn’t offer phone support, but it was a volunteer community member who has been answering all of the threads offering advice for those whose accounts were hacked. 

Keep an eye on your accounts, whatever service or platform you use!

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