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Mobile Market returns | Popular feature of 2020 Texarkana Farmer's Market will be back this year – Texarkana Gazette

Ann-Marie Sullivan, left, cultural food coordinator, lays out some of the details and features of the 2021 Texarkana Farmer’s Market season at Texarkana, Texas, City Hall. Photo by Junius Stone / Texarkana Gazette. Around 20 attendees made up of farmers, crafters and other vendors met at Texarkana, Texas, City Hall …

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Forget movies – games have much more in common with theatre –

The first time the Asylum Demon came crashing down to greet me in Dark Souls, I actually made a noise: the kind of pathetic mewl of protest you might let out after decanting a mug of hot coffee onto your keyboard. Really, can you blame me? The timing is divine, …

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How will cybersecurity change with a new US president? Pros identify the biggest needs – TechRepublic

Every new presidential administration brings change, one way or another. Learn what President Joseph Biden is facing on the cybersecurity front, along with some tips for government and businesses. Image: iStock/remotevfx The past year has been one like no other, and during the pandemic cybersecurity threats have been on the …

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