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Configuring New Facebook interface for More Secure Social Networking – DVIDS

The U.S. Army Criminal Investigation Command’s Major Cybercrime Unit recommends checking your user privacy and security settings due to a newly released interface for Facebook. This month, Facebook users will stop seeing the ‘classic’ version, the one with the blue navigation bar at the top, on the widely used …

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Intel Tiger Lake tested: Xe graphics make thin-and-light gaming worthwhile – PC Gamer

Earlier this month, Intel announced that its 11th Gen Tiger Lake CPUs were on the way to laptops manufacturers, offering a hefty improvement over their Ice Lake counterparts. Today, we’re putting that to the test. Intel has provided us with an internal engineering laptop, based on a familiar OEM design, …

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TikTok and WeChat: US to ban app downloads in 48 hours

image copyrightAlamy/EPA/Alamy TikTok and WeChat will be banned from US app stores from Sunday, unless President Donald Trump agrees to a last-minute deal. The Department of Commerce said it would bar people in the US from downloading the messaging and video-sharing apps through any app store on any platform. The …

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