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Epic Games' Battle Breakers Is a New Tactical RPG for Android, iOS, and PC – NDTV


Epic Games, the studio best known for its Unreal Engine, announced a new tactical role-playing game called Battle Breakers at the Game Developers Conference (GDC) in San Francisco on Monday.

Interestingly, the new title would be available on both desktop and mobile – Android and iOS – and feature cross-platform play, seemingly taking a cue from Blizzard’s Hearthstone. Battle Breakers is already undergoing a limited soft launch in the Philippines for iOS users, where it’s free-to-play with optional in-app purchases.

“The team at Epic had this crazy idea that if we combined our passion for zany 80s’ Saturday morning cartoons with our obsession for tactical turn-based RPGs, we might just create something awesome and unique,” Donald Mustard, worldwide creative director at Epic Games, said in a statement.

Epic Games wouldn’t be tied down to a release date, except to say that it would come out “later this year”. To show your interest on iOS and PC, head to the Epic Games website. If you’re on Android, you can pre-register on Google Play, and reserve access to an exclusive in-game hero character called Dark Beastman.

That is just one among a score of heroes that are a part of Battle Breakers, which tasks you with forming a dream team out of “ninjas, mages, robots, and dinosaurs”. You will also need to engage in some form of base-building, and there’s some form of co-op play as well, which allows you to play with friends to defeat the Monster Legion, the game’s central enemy.

The new title is part of the studio’s new self-publishing strategy. Battle Breakers will be the first of six such games, Epic Games said in its announcement.

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