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EVOO Gaming Laptop LP6 review – OnTechEdge

Laptops have evolved a lot during the past years. A normal laptop would usually
house a CPU with 4-8 GB’s of Ram and about 500 GB of hard disk space. This was
the bar limit a few years ago. Then CPU’s got upgraded, RAM speeds got upgraded
and 2 TB Hard disks along with 500 GB SSD’s were introduced.

During all
this, something else was also introduced that was relatively new to the
laptops. Mobile GPU’s were introduced and thus began the era of gaming laptops.
With the innovation of mobile GPU’s, both integrated and dedicated GPU’s were
started to be used.

Laptops would use these two types of GPU’s as the integrated GPU would usually be used for lighter and simpler tasks like watching a video. The dedicated would be used if there were a heavy load and required GPU to output results such as gaming or video editing.

In the beginning, these laptops started to get refereed by gaming laptops. These gaming laptops were quite expensive as they housed in them a fully dedicated mobile GPU. Slowly as the competition got tougher and tougher, the price came down. Still, these gaming laptops are looked at as a premium device because it is still very expensive.

Budget-Friendly Gaming Laptops

With more and more budget-friendly phones coming out that house top tier specs, laptop manufacturing companies started to apply the same formula to gaming laptops. They analyzed that they have the potential to target the lower market of gaming laptops. Just like mobile phones the strategy was to house all the high-end hardware and pack it into a decent body with a price tag that would not be resistible by a consumer. Thus cheap and budget-friendly laptops were introduced.

Evoo LP6

The name
might sound strange but worry not. With new brands rolling out, this one makes
its stand quite obvious. It packs some exceptional hardware with a price tag
that will make your mouth water. To simply put it shortly, it packs the 9th
Generation from Intel i7 9750H, NVidia GeForce RTX 2060, 16 GB’s of RAM and 144
Hz display. The specs alone are enough to get anyone interested in this laptop
a sit packs quite decent hardware.

Being a new
company, people have their doubts and theories. Companies that manufacture
cheap and budget-friendly products usually cut corners here and there. Meaning
that they cut corners to bring the price down. Those corners can be using a
cheap LCD panel, using a cheap plastic body, etc.

These corners are cut for the benefit of the end consumer. As these corners cut don’t affect you much, in return you get top-notch hardware at a very budget-friendly price that doesn’t break your bank.

Let’s break down the specifications and talk about them in a bit detail.

Design & Build

It is absurd
to expect high-quality materials for the build of a laptop that you’re getting
at a fairly cheap price. Not that this laptop is using cheap materials, but it
isn’t using high-quality materials either. Well, that is fine and
understandable because they need to cut corners somewhere to bring the price
tag down.

Evoo LP6
mostly uses plastic and it is acceptable. The design is the same as any
traditional laptop. It’s got a logo on the back. The overall design is simple
and they did not go overkill with anything considering the price range. In a
nutshell, it is a simple and sleek design that will catch your eyes.

EVOO Gaming Laptop LP6. Photo Credit: THX.com


This is a
crucial factor for most gamers. Casual players and even competitive players
demand a high refresh rate panel. Well, that is exactly what Evoo is offering.
Evoo LP6 houses a 17.3” screen with a ludicrous refresh rate of 144 Hz. Yes,
you read that right. You are getting 144 Hz on a cheap gaming laptop.

The overall
resolution is 1080p which is optimal for AAA titles to run on ultra. The
processor and GPU are also powerful to fully utilize the high refresh rate. All
in all, everything looks super clean and clear on this panel. It’s got vibrant
colors and offers a high gaming experience overall.


The Evoo houses the i7 9750H, 9th generation processor from Intel. IT’s got 6 cores and twelve threads in total. With a maximum clock speed of 4.5 GHz, this processor can crunch through anything thrown at it. It shines mostly in-game that require heavy CPU usage. It’s powerful enough to do most of your tasks with ease.

Moving on to the GPU. It houses the NVidia RTX 2060. This has 6 GB of virtual memory in it. RTZ brings ray tracing and AI together to greatly enhance your gaming experience. It offers great performance in every game. Every AAA title can be played by this card easily. It can push out high frames. With this enjoy any PC game you want.

Memory and Storage

The Evoo comes with 16 GB of dual-channel memory of high bandwidth speed. The high-speed ram can quickly load all your games, increase multitasking fluidity, open multiple programs and you can open many tabs at once in your browser. The maximum RAM supported by it is 32 GB. That may be an overkill and 16 GB is enough.

Most laptops come with hard drives. Well, not Evoo. Evoo LP6 comes with mind whopping 1 TB of SSD. With so much space you can hold all your data in it. The fast read/write speed of SSD is a cherry on top.

Mechanical Keyboard

The Evoo LP6 houses a full mechanical keyboard with RGB lighting. RGB is a must and Evoo delivers on that. It can be configured up to 8 modes of lighting. The keys are mechanical and offer decent tactile feedback. It’s a good keyboard.

Final Verdict

For people looking for high-end specs in a gaming laptop and a price that does not break their bank, this is the laptop to go for.

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