LOS ANGELES — It’s back to the year 3000 again for Fry and the gang from Futurama.

The cult TV fan favorite returns as a mobile game, Futurama: Worlds of Tomorrow, from JamCity. The plan is to have the game expand with new material every week, and the show’s writers and cast — last seen with new episodes in 2013 — are reunited for the game.

The game, available in the summer, is free, with add-ons that cost $1 to $50.

JamCity, formerly known as SGN Games, looks for games with a “huge grassroots following,” says company co-founder Josh Yguado, “Fans can’t get Futurama on TV. This is the place to continue the story and interact with your favorite characters.”

JamCity, best known for the games Cookie Jam and Panda Pop, also has games based on the TV and movie properties Family Guy and The Avengers. JamCity games have been played over 25 billion times, the company says.

Futurama concerns a pizza delivery boy, Fry, who is accidentally frozen in the year 1999 and awaken in 3000. It originally premiered on Fox in 1999, as a companion to The Simpsons, the long-running cartoon created by Matt Groening. The show was canceled in 2003, and returned in 2009 with new episodes at Comedy Central. The last new episode ran in 2013.

The stars of Futurama, Billy West (Fry), Katey Segall (Leela, the one-eyed space pilot) and John DiMaggio as Bender, the robot, return for the game, which looks to “re-create the Futurama universe,” says David X. Cohen, who developed the series with Groening. It involves sending the Futurama characters on missions to other planets, where they “get to battle some of your favorite Futurama foes,” says Cohen.

Meanwhile, reruns of Futurama continue to play on Comedy Central, and are available on Netflix.

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