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FUTURE PROOF: Cool gadgets to look forward to – New Straits Times

THE biggest consumer tech show of the year, CES, just took place this month in Las Vegas; and on display were thousands of products. Some were by the biggest names in technology like Google, Samsung and Sony, while others were by small start-ups.

There were so many different categories of products, it would be impossible to give a broad overview in just one article so instead, here are the five most intriguing items that were introduced at CES:


Fans of Star Wars’ BB-8 will love Samsung’s Ballie, which is basically a BB-8-like robot that acts as a digital personal assistant. The tennis-ball-shaped robot comes equipped with cameras and sensors, which allows it to follow its owner around. But it’s not just a cute toy that’s meant to replace your pet. It has many smart home features and can send pictures and updates around your home while you are away. It also has a workout mode so it’s a kind of fitness assistant as well.

Roll Bot.


Don’t you hate it when you are in the toilet and suddenly you realise you’ve run out of toilet paper? Proctor & Gamble, the makers of the famous Charmin toilet paper, has a solution to this. RollBot is a small robot that can be controlled by an app on your mobile phone to bring you a fresh roll of toilet paper.

Like a Segway, it is self-balancing. It’s still at concept stage so don’t expect to be able to get one anytime soon. Still, it’s an interesting concept for solving an age-old problem that everybody has faced at least a few times. It’s definitely something to look forward to.

Segway S-Pod.


Speaking of Segway, imagine a Segway that doesn’t require you to stand. Well, you don’t have to imagine it because the folks who brought us the Segway have come up with the S-Pod, which is a kind of sitting-down Segway that balances perfectly (you don’t have to worry about it tipping over). Like the Segway, it’s designed to be used at airports, shopping malls and other enclosed areas.

Motion Pillow.


Do you snore a loudly to the point that you wake others who are near you? If you’re like that and you’ve tried various ways to lessen your snoring but have found no real success, you might be interested in the Motion Pillow. It’s a “smart pillow” which will collect information about your head positioning and breathing while you sleep.

The system then uses this data to change the shape of the pillow so that your head is positioned in such a way that airflow through your nose will improve to the point that snoring should be reduced. I’m not sure if it’ll actually work (since so many other remedies haven’t) but it’s definitely worth a try.



These days, it seems like everything can be turned into a smart device — and trash cans are no exceptions. Townew may look like an ordinary trash can but it is super smart. For example, it has an infra-red sensor that detects your presence and can open the lid for you. And once the trash bag is full, all you have to do is press a button and it will heat-seal the trash bag for you.

This means no more having to struggle to tie the opening of the bag. This one will be sealed nicely. Best of all, once you remove the garbage bag, a new one will automatically be placed in position by the smart device (extra bags are stored under the lid).

Oon Yeoh is a consultant with experiences in print, online and mobile media. Reach him at [email protected].

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