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F&W Networks First FTTP Broadband Network Set for Horsham – ISPreview.co.uk

Last year a new full fibre developer called F&W Networks, which is being supported by retail ISP partner Hey!Broadband (H!B), cropped up with an aspiration of deploying a 10Gbps capable Fibre-to-the-Premises (FTTP) network to over 1 million UK premises by 2024 (here). Now their first roll-out seems destined for Horsham.

Until recently very little was known about F&W’s roll-out plan, except that they intended to target areas that are currently not served and not planned to be served by competitors with FTTP networks. The market town of Horsham in West Sussex now appears to be first on their list, which makes sense since at present the best you can get in the town (part of it) is Openreach’s G.fast network (they also have a little FTTP).

NOTE: Cityfibre’s Dark Fibre network will also be passing through part of the town, albeit initially only for the purpose of connecting public sector sites (here).

Last week F&W’s partner ISP revealed that they’re “getting ready to connect our very first customers in Horsham,” although we’ve struggled to spot related street works activity in the local area. Customers can expect packages that cost from £35 per month for speeds of 250Mbps or £40 for 1000Mbps, which comes with unlimited usage, a wireless router, an 18 month contract term and parental controls.

Initially the operator’s usual £150 installation fee will also be free and we note that their customer support will only be available between 9am and 8pm (Monday to Friday) via phone. One other thing to note is that the upload speed given for both of the above packages is 50Mbps, although on other pages they say that their 1000Mbps tier is symmetrical (same speed both ways).

F&W Networks’s main investor is London-based Maestro Capital.

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