Samsung’s been trying very hard to get all units of the Galaxy Note7 returned to them, but some owners are having trouble letting go of their beloved stylus-equipped phablets. To force owners into giving them back, Samsung will be updating the Note7 to be severely crippled in Canada and literally unusable in the US. Now, Samsung is taking similar measures with UK Note7 units.

On December 15th, Galaxy Note7s in the United Kingdom will begin to receive an update that will limit prevent owners from charging them above 30%. Now, I understand that the Note7 and its 3500mAh battery allowed for solid battery life, but I can’t imagine it doing too well when limited to barely over 1000mAh. That’s even less than the original iPhone’s battery’s capacity.

We’re not 100% sure if Note7s in the rest of Europe will receive this update, as only the UK page pertinent to this issue has been updated with this statement thus far, but we’d say it’s highly likely they will. European Note7 owners, it may be time to walk away from your touchscreen-equipped weapons.