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Gaming apps favourite of city teens: Study – The Hindu


Adolescents in the city enjoy dabbling with smart phones and laptops. Although these gadgets have been around for several years, the novelty of testing out its uses has not faded, yet.

A recent survey by TCS among teens in the city found that gaming apps were most popular, followed by instant messaging apps. The survey, conducted among students aged 12 to 18 years, found that only 38% used apps for shopping. As many as 56% used entertainment apps, but only 46% used educational apps.


According to a company official, the aim was to understand digital trends among students, who could later become employees of the company too. “This generation uses gadgets for games and expects rewards — if we give them a virtual reward it motivates them,” he said.

The survey also pointed to some unique trends — Chennai’s adolescents are more into engineering-related activities than entrepreneurship.

The survey, conducted last week, looked at students born after 1995. According to Suresh Raman, head, TCS Chennai Operations, “The ‘Gen Z’ leveraged the medium for connecting to larger population for social causes. I am not surprised that the Gen Z of Chennai wants the city to continue as the IT hub with their aspirations for an IT career.”

The TCS survey also found that students enjoyed gaming consoles, something that was evident at Anna University’s exhibition, held ahead of its tech fest ‘Kurukshetra.’ All the 12 shortlisted projects at the exhibition were about use of gadgets or apps.

A student group had developed a ‘magic mirror’ that turns into a personalised screen when commanded and displays time, news, weather, and reminders, besides updates on social networking sites.

An all-girls team had developed a method to help visually-challenged persons navigate obstacles through audio feed of text via headphones. Another all-girls group designed a digital BP apparatus that the students said would give readings with more accuracy than the equipment available at present. A third group of students developed a walker that could alert healthcare professionals about an impending heart attack.

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