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Genshin Impact understands the value of taking your time – PC Gamer

How often have you had a show recommended to you by a friend, only for them to add “Oh, it gets really good in Season 3 so just skip to that!”? And how many of you have actually taken that advice, and skipped the first few seasons when watching it for the first time? Let’s be real—that’s just not how watching television works. No matter how many times you tell me season one of Parks & Rec is worth skipping, I’m just going to suffer through it, because it feels wrong to start somewhere in the middle.

Videogames are a lot like this. The equivalent of Parks & Rec Season One might be forcing you to grind for resources or XP. It might be huge empty swathes of map to make your way across or pointless side quests added to a game to make it better ‘value’. Grinding through all of this is like getting past season one, into the good stuff in season two and beyond where Adam Scott and Rob Lowe show up. A lot of gacha games never even leave Parks & Rec Season One, perpetually sending you on grind after grind after grind with Paul Schneider by your side. The only escape is the hope that you will save enough virtual currency (or pump in enough real money) to pull Adam Scott (who is, obviously, a 5-star drop).

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