Gorsuch chats up Democratic senator Claire McCaskill.

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Since we now live in a world where Democrats have a “new standard” for Supreme Court nominees, it’s worth gaming out what to expect from Dems at Neil Gorsuch’s confirmation hearing. Will they pull some sort of unprecedented stunt? Perhaps by staging a walkout? Or a performance of “La Resistance”? Or a dramatic reading of novelist Scott Turow’s slam book?

I asked a Republican who is familiar with the confirmation process what he expected the opposition to do. Here’s his reply:

The Dems will definitely press him on Trump. Someone will bring up John Finnis and someone might bring up his undergrad activism/trolling—think Concerned Alumni of Princeton.
His law school pro bono work might get a mention as will his work at DOJ. (Bush is still Hitler, right?) Someone will go after the Federalist Society (“Dark Money!”) and there’s a couple Democrats who will want to take aim at his time as a fancy litigator (“he defended big corporations and not the working man”). The plaintiff lawyers seem to be prepping that last line of attack, if news stories are to be believed.
As for some big walkout or sit-in or whatever, it probably won’t happen. The Democratic game is to stall. They need this to go into the April recess to keep him from this term’s last Supreme Court sitting so they can score some last wins at the Court. A walkout or something will not help with that. Instead, expect childish delay tactics as they try to draw it out day by day. It’s a game of inches.

One of the (many) questions of the Trump era is the extent to which Democratic opposition will be ruled by the party’s id, or its ego. The Gorsuch hearing should provide an interesting early data point.

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