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GTL: The Gaming Toxicity Crackdown & Hollywood Embracing Inclusivity – Twin Galaxies (satire) (press release) (blog)

With online toxicity becoming more and more of a concern, game companies are looking for new ways to stamp out bad behaviour and retain their player base, and with movies like Black Panther doing so well, is Hollywood becoming more open to inclusivity?

On this episode of Game Talk Live, host Mandie Roman talks with panellists about Ubisoft cracking down on toxic speech in Rainbow Six Siege, as well as the success of Black Panther and what it means for the future of inclusivity in Hollywood. Joining Mandie on today’s show is Actress, Twitch Streamer and Cosplayer Milynn Sarley, Host for Popcorn Talks Marvel Movie News and gamer / comic book fan Markeia McCarty, and Co-host of ask your black geek friend B. Dave Walters.

Ubisoft announced measures to help stamp out toxic speech in their online game Rainbow Six Siege, with algorithms designed to detect and punish players who participate in “hate speech”. The panel discusses why toxic speech is such a problem for online games, as well as why getting rid of it is so important for companies like Ubisoft. The discussion covers the dangers in allowing toxic speech to be present in any given online community, as well as why punishments will or won’t work.

The question then becomes the difference between “trash talking” and hate speech, and why players would want to engage in said behaviour. Along these lines, today’s guests look at whether the punishments outlined by Ubisoft would be effective. The discussion moves to ways in which players can better protect themselves from toxic online behaviour, while also talking about how important it is for companies and players to be on the same page.

The topic turns to the success of the recent film Black Panther, and what it means for Hollywood. The panel talks about the reasons why the film has done so well, as well as what it might mean for the climate of change in Hollywood. Discussion moves to the ways in which this movie may have had an advantage due to its relatively unknown origin, as well as how it can help to bring in new fans. The panel talks about whether Hollywood and the geek space have become more inclusive in recent years, as well as the importance that this movie, and others like it, have on impacting the future generations of film and comic fans.

Finally, the show turns to the issue of cultural appropriation in the world of cosplay, and where the line is drawn between cultural appropriation and cultural celebration. The panel talks about whether it is ok to cosplay from outside your race, as well as the inherit risks of choosing to do so. Finally, the panel discusses how detailed you need to get when cosplaying, and how this line can become blurred when it comes to cosplaying characters from different races.

Game Talk Live has wrapped up for today, but you can see the episode in its entirety in the video above. Be sure to check out the previous episode, where panellists discuss the H1Z1 Pro League, and its plans to revolutionize the esports Scene.


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