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'Hearthstone' Android Client Finally Reduced in Size – Touch Arcade

Over the last few months, I’ve heard from many Hearthstone [Free] Android players who were having issues with the game’s client size to the point where they had to uninstall the game. Luckily for them, Blizzard is now rolling out a much better optimized Android client that will change how Hearthstone is downloaded and should allow for a smaller install size and much better patching experience in the future. The developers had told us they were working on fixing the Android side of the game, and I’m glad to see those attempts come to fruition. According to reddit users, the install size has gone down to about 1.5 GB from the original 3 GB, which is a substantial decrease, especially for those with older phones.

In order to get the client reduced, update the client and then clear data once to bring the game down to a reasonable size. It’s good to see the developers paying attention to the mobile experience and taking steps to improve it. So, good news Android users.

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