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Hooligan Simulator coming to PC – Flickering Myth

Ever fancied being a complete thug, playing the hard man and knocking crap about? Well thanks to PlayWay and Titan Gamez you’ll soon get the chance to find out being a hooligan is like when they release Hooligan Simulator on Steam.  A new announcement trailer can be seen below showing some of the ways to get ‘respect’ on the tough streets.


In Hooligan Simulator players have no money, no career and no future, all they have is the means to make themselves the ‘big man’ in the neighbourhood, the tough bloke who it’s best to avoid.  Become the one no one messes with, earn respect from others in the neighbourhood and start making a name for yourself with the law.

The motto of the game is ‘The World is Yours’, so take your character out on the streets vandalise things with graffiti, destroy road signs and even steal a bit of bling by using people as punch bags, but be careful of ‘Old Bill’, ‘The Fuzz’, the police.  Stay cautious, sneak around officers and don’t get caught.

The game features:

  • A vast city environment to harrass.
  • Lots of skills to help become the ultimate thug.
  • Illegal business management.
  • Gang fights to show who’s boss.

Look out for Hooligan Simulator coming to Steam for PC in the future.




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