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How to change the voice of Android Auto to Spanish – Somag News

All users of a smartphone have it configured according to the language they know. And it is that establishing a common language between the device and the person is key for its correct operation as well as its fast handling. This also applies to the terminal’s voice assistant, which is sometimes very important so that you can use your mobile while driving. For this reason we teach you to change the voice of Android Auto to Spanish.

Android Auto ‘does not speak well’ in Spanish

As you know, Google offers you an application so you can use your phone in your car’s browser. Its name is Android Auto and in the most modern versions it is already integrated as part of the operating system. It is capable of giving you all the information that passes through your mobile without having to look at the screen and even reads your WhatsApp messages to be aware.

However, in the latest versions the virtual assistant is not able to pronounce words well and does so with an English accent. This can be strange, especially if you have the phone in Spanish and that is why we are going to help you change the voice of Android Auto to Spanish.

How to change the voice of Android Auto to Spanish

Changing the voice of Android Auto to Spanish is a very simple task, although it is possible that all the methods are not equally effective. For that reason we will give you tricks to make all the messages appear in the message that you prefer. The first thing you have to check is that the terminal language is the one you want, so check in Settings> Language if the data is correct. It seems obvious, but Spanish is not the only voice that Google has in Spanish.

Another trick you can try is to add the Spanish language from the United States to the system, something that can help Android Auto pronounce the words correctly. But it may also be that you have to make a change to English, which oddly enough can help you solve the problem.

And we continue with the curiosities when we talk about fixing the voice of Android Auto. And is that when everything fails you only have to do one thing: uninstall the Google application. Yes, the same app that recommends news according to your interest and that helps you with searches from your mobile can also be the cause of this mess.

To achieve this you only have one option since it is useless to disable it from the menu of applications installed on your smartphone. What you have to do is go to the Google Play Store, search for the Google app and click on the uninstall button to remove it from the phone.

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