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How to Increase / Decrease Font Size in Safari for iPhone, iPad – Wccftech

Here’s how you can increase or decrease the font size in Safari for iPhone and iPad. Do this to improve readability or fit websites on the screen.

Webpages Look Crammed in Safari? Increase or Decrease Font Size in Safari to Make Everything Fit Better

Mobile Safari might not be the perfect browser out there but it gets the job done for millions of iPhone and iPad users on a daily basis. Things start to really get on the edge if you are using Safari on a device that has a very small display as UI elements look more crammed. But don’t worry, you can fix all that by simply increasing or decreasing the font size in Safari with a few simple taps. Whether you want to squeeze everything in the display or crave better legibility, this solves a lot of problems.

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Step 1. Launch Safari from your home page.

Step 2. Load up any website.

Step 3. Once the site is done loading up, tap on the little ‘aA’ button in the address bar.

Step 4. Tap on the smaller ‘A’ to decrease font size, or the larger ‘A’ to increase it. Tap on the percentage in the middle to go back to 100%, which is the default scaling for the website being viewed.

Increase / decrease font size in Safari

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It’s really that simple.

This is one Safari feature which I end up using a lot. Especially on websites which refuse to scale properly across the board, forcing you to make manual adjustments in order to make everything fit better. This feature is particularly useful when you are using an iPhone in landscape mode and need the page to look just right so you don’t have to do too much scrolling just to find the bit you are looking for.

Keep one thing in mind, if you make changes to the page size and return to the website at some later date, then you will notice that your preferences are remembered. Of course, in order to reset it to 100%, tap on the ‘aA’ button in the address bar and tap on the percentage, which will take the scale back to default size of 100%.

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