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How to record your iPhone/iPad screen WITHOUT a Mac or PC – Mac Kung Fu


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You can record the action taking place on an iPhone (or iPad) screen by attaching the phone to a Mac via a USB cable and using QuickTime Player, but there’s a much easier way to do so – no Mac or PC required!

Simply install Full HD Video Recorder – Video screen, which is free from the official App Store. That’s right – this isn’t some jailbreak hack either!

Once the app has started, just tap the Start button and then the app will disappear and you’ll be switched back to the launcher. From now on your screen is being recorded, and you can launch whatever app you want and have it recorded. Initially you’ll be asked if the app can use the microphone (just deny if you don’t want to record audio), but that won’t appear in future. However, this offers an option to record a spoken commentary alongside the video, of course – perfect for tutorials.

When you’ve finished just tap the app’s icon again in the launcher and the recording will stop. Your recording will then be waiting for you in the Video List part of the app.

Alas, the app has a limitation in that it only lets you export the first minute of any video to the Camera Roll, which is the only way of getting the videos out of the app and onto your computer. An in-app dialog box says you can overcome this limitation by paying for the full version but this appears not to exist – I couldn’t find it anyway – and nor is there any in-app purchase.

For what it’s worth we’re pretty sure apps doing what this one does aren’t supposed to be allowed in the app store, so you might want to grab this sooner rather than later.


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