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How to Save WhatsApp Status Images And Videos On Android, iPhone – Gizbot

Steps To Save WhatsApp Status Videos And Images On Smartphones

Ever since the social media giant acquired WhatsApp, new features are being introduced consistently. Thanks to the developments, you can now share photos, videos, music and even make voice/video calls.

This peer-to-peer media transfer has no-doubt got the users hooked on. With over five billion downloads, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that this is one of the most popular and used apps all around the world.

And, after Facebook introduced the Snapchat like ‘Status’ feature, users started flocking the app uploading their moments. This feature basically lets you put up a short video, collection of pictures and videos, and texts for 24 hours. Following which they disappear.

You might have come across some amazing pictures or videos of your friends traveling to unknown destinations. And quite often you would have thought of saving those statuses’ on your Android or iPhone. But, if you haven’t been able to figure a way out yet, we will be helping you with some easy steps.

How To Save WhatsApp Status Videos, Images On Smartphones

How To Save WhatsApp Status Videos, Images On Smartphones

Method 1: Old-School Screenshot Method

Saving a WhatsApp status video or image isn’t a big task. But you need to know the right steps. The first and the most basic way is to do is grab a screenshot. Just head to the WhatsApp’s status section and click on the contact whose status you want to save.

Once it opens up, grab a screenshot on your Android smartphone by pressing the power down and volume key simultaneously. This is the most usual settings on Android smartphones to take a screenshot. But, some new smartphones offer the provision of doing so by swipe-down using three fingers.

The screenshot method works with iPhones as well. You can open a WhatsApp status that you want to save and press and hold the power key and the Home button at the same time.

But make sure both keys are pressed at the same time so that your device doesn’t activate Siri or Touch ID. The screenshot method works perfectly for the images and is easiest on both Android and iPhones.

How To Save WhatsApp Status From Other Smartphones

How To Save WhatsApp Status From Other Smartphones

Method 2: Use Third-Party Apps

This is another easy way to download a status WhatsApp status from other users. There are numerous third-party apps that help to download other contacts’ status. Not only can you save pictures, but also videos.

Apps like Story Saver for WhatsApp, All Status Savr, and Status Save WA are amongst a few of them. Just download and install any one of these apps and select the status you want to photo/video uploaded via status you want to save and click download. This can be later accessed in the gallery of your device.

How To Save WhatsApp Images In Smartphone Gallery

How To Save WhatsApp Images In Smartphone Gallery

Method 3: Use File Explorer

This method doesn’t require you to download any third-party app from PlayStore or AppStore, rather uses the device itself. You just need to access the File Manager which is present in most of the smartphones. If not, you can get it from PlayStore.

1. Go to the File Explorer menu and select the WhatsApp Folder in the APK section.

2. Look for the ‘Media’ option inside the folder.

3. Now, toggle on the ‘Show Hidden Files’ option.

4. Amongst the hidden folders, there will be a ‘.statuses’ folder which will show the images of the statuses that you have recently viewed.

5. Now all you need to download is the status image or video and you are good to go.

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