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How to temporarily share your car keys with iOS 14 – Somag News

One of the most important improvements that has reached the world of smartphones is NFC. This technology helps you have more data on your phone that you can take full advantage of and that speed up certain actions. In some countries the public transport subscription is already on mobile phones, worldwide you can pay with your terminal without removing the card from your wallet and, finally, your mobile helps you open your car.

This in turn brings more benefits, since if by chance you lose the key, you have the smartphone to enter your car and start it. That is why we are going to teach you a trick that appeared with the arrival of iOS 14 that is about temporarily sharing your car keys with another person.

How to give someone else access to your car without giving them the key
This is one of the things we saw at WWDC 20, when those from Cupertino showed that it was possible to get into the car without having the key. Wireless technology worked a miracle, but it is only available in some car models. And this is not the only restriction, since at the moment Apple terminals are the only ones that can share an electronic car key.

This feature is called CarKey and is available within the Wallet app. You must take into account the compatibility of the cars, which you can consult in this list and which is highlighted with the icon of a key. At the moment, the cars associated with this function have the ability to electronically link to the vehicle and you can give Wallet permission to save your electronic card.

But now comes the interesting thing, which is to temporarily share your car keys with another person. To do this you have to send the card to another person through iMessage and limit the access of that person. Afterwards, the other driver only has to bring his mobile phone close to the handle on the driver’s side, wait a few seconds and the car will open the locks automatically.

A feature only [email protected] from Apple

That you can share your car keys with a known person from iOS 14 is something that will help many. However, it will only do so to a few. Specifically, those who will benefit from this improvement will be those who have a smartphone of the bitten apple with iOS 14 and, of course, that one of them has a car compatible with this technology. It also works with an Apple Watch, increasing the number of devices with which you can take advantage of this feature.

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