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Indian Express Group launches gadget review site Techook – MediaNama.com


The Indian Express Group has launched Techook.com, a website which joins an already overflowing space of gadget review and how-to sites. What’s interesting here is that the company says that Techook will remain “ad free”. Then how will they monetize? In response to a query from MediaNama, Sandeep Amar, CEO of Indian Express Digital said that monetization is not a priority for Techook, but “we will monetize via native advertising and some video advertising(native and display) as well.”

How Techook is approaching content

From a content perspective, it’s interesting to see a mix of reviews, news and How-to guides: all three are very powerful in terms of attracting traffic to a site, and will be important for Techook to demonstrate unique readership to attract advertisers for native advertising. From a reviews perspective, the company says it is differentiating itself by offering an independent numeric rating for each smartphone, and subjecting phones to “a rigorous review process which includes testing over a seven day period, to generate a comprehensive performance report. Note that the numeric average rating feature is strikingly similar to existing gadget review sites like PhoneRadar, NDTV Gadgets and CNET, which also provide percentile rating out of 100 or numeric rating out of 10 with specific sub-category rating for a gadget’s properties like Designs, build-quality, camera, hardware performance, camera quality among others. It also borrows a feature from sites like GSM Arena, Phone Arena, and EndGadget, which provide an encyclopedia for gadgets and smartphones. The review feature which aggregates a hardware component’s score, build quality, etc. to provide an overall “quality score” along with an author’s “pros and cons take” can be dated back to print magazines like CHIP and Digit. These are now baseline features for review sites, so it isn’t surprising to see Techook incorporate them.

From a technology perspective, Techook is highlighting that its structuring is set to enhance readership and SEO, that its “stack-based tech platform” which allows a card based navigation system, also has advantages “which are at SEO and other levels, which may not be visible from the front end. The creations are URLs on the fly coupled with some other features are also part of this tech.”


This isn’t Indian Express Group’s first multimedia website launch in the recent times. In October last year, it launched inUth.com, video platform that aggregates, YouTube, Instagram, GIFs and other video content aimed an millennial. In July the same year, the company spun-off its print-based food section into an online website named Expressfoodie.

(with inputs from Nikhil Pahwa)

Disclosure: Indian Express is an advertiser with MediaNama

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