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iOS 11 news, rumours and release date: 5 things we'd like to see – Alphr

Follow Apple’s previous pattern for software updates, iOS 11 will likely be unveiled and released to developers during the Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) 2017 keynote. This year that falls on 5 June, although the final version won’t find its way onto consumer iPhones and iPads until September at the earliest.

Firm news about iOS 11 is still a season away, but we can start to make a few predictions based on rumours, as well as a wishlist of what we’d like to see.

We will collect news here as and when it surfaces. For now, you can check out our personal hopes for iOS 11.

iOS 11: In a nutshell

  • The next iteration of Apple’s mobile operating system
  • Expect a June announcement, and a September launch
  • Rumoured to include a smarter Siri and consolidated social features

iOS 11: Release date

We’re still a few months away from official word on iOS 11 from Apple. Based on previous release schedules, expect an announcement at WWDC 2017 on 5 June. The update should be made available to developers soon, if not straight, after. A full public rollout will likely happen in September 2017.

iOS 11: News and rumours

According to TechRadar and Bloomberg, among others, Apple is working to build on its social sharing features – including the potential for a video-sharing app, somewhere along the lines of Snapchat and Instagram. If these stories are to be believed, it suggests Apple may want to consolidate exchanges with contacts – such as having a single feed for charting all emails, iMessages and social-network interactions between individuals.

Beyond this, we can safely make a stab at Apple giving some extra powers to Siri – especially seeing as the AI helper has some serious competition from Google Assistant, with its Google Home integration.

We’ll cover firmer news as it surfaces. For now, however, you can have a look over our wishlist for iOS 11 fixes and features.

iOS 11: What we’d like to see

1. Multi-screen support for iPad

Users can currently mirror their iPad screen on a second monitor, but if Apple truly wants to position its tablets as a professional tool – as your main work computer – then it needs to support multiple screens with an extended desktop. The big question here is: how can you do that when the second screen isn’t a touchscreen? One solution would be to rely on the use of a mouse or touchpad – probably connected over Bluetooth.

2. Add a way to search for apps in split-screen mode

At the moment, docking a second app within split-screen mode involves scrolling through the icons of other apps. If your device is full of apps that haven’t seen the light of day in months, this can often be a frustrating guessing game. Adding a way to search for apps by name would be a helpful, minor addition.

3. Better Siri

Google Assistant has been having a good year, so the onus is on Apple to up the game in the smartphone AI stakes. One thing Google’s personal assistant does well, which we’d like to see more of in Siri, is greater context awareness – keeping track of conversations so that follow-up questions flow naturally.

4. Improvements to Apple maps

Apple Maps has been getting better, but it still falls behind in many areas. Citymapper still has the edge when it comes to integration with local public transport – so something that approaches that app’s level of location accuracy and transport updates would be very welcome.

5. Customisable control centre and notifications

The control centre is the panel that appears when you flick up from the bottom of your screen. It’s a useful way to quickly access a number of call modes, as well as flashlight and alarm details. Being able to add or remove tiles of often-used settings would be a handy addition, as would the more general ability to customise notifications on your lockscreen. Instead of a stream of individual pop-ups from Twitter, WhatsApp and so on, why not have the ability to collate them as messages from certain apps?  

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