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Picked up a Air 4 (2020) coming from a Pro 10.5 over the weekend. One of the main reasons was to just have a iPad around the house for media consumption and the occasional editing and since my Pro 10.5 was down to 85% battery health it no longer served that function well not lasting like a iPad. I could have replaced the battery/get a refurb (since Apple dosent replace the battery in older iPads from what I heard) but in my area stores dont yet function normally so that whole process would have taken a while. I gave it to my brother who will eventually replace it when stores open up more. On to the Air 4 it serves my purposes well and has a ton of upgrades (besides the downgrade to 60hz which I’m getting used to) yesterday I used it a ton and got about 9h30m of SOT with 85% of the battery used (see screenshot) which is in line from what I would expect on a brand new iPad. It also does a great job of handling gaming which I rarely do, but it’s nice to know it can handle them well without losing a ton of % and it doesn’t get hot. Main potential issue for me though has been standby over the past 2 nights I lost an exact 3% with 7-8h of sleep. Screen wasn’t being turned on for notifications and it just drops. I could live with it tbh but it would get annoying if I don’t use my iPad for like 2 days and the battery goes wayyy down. Older iPads always had legendary standby so I’m wondering what your guys experience is, and if it’s normal. Made a poll as well.

Something else to note – when I unboxed it I had to fully charge it from 0% as it was dead out the box. Most likely in storage since late last year so that’s understandable. Also what’s up with Home and Lock Screen taking up so much battery I am not on it that much…


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