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iPad Microsoft Office Apps Updated With Trackpad & Mouse Support – Screen Rant

Microsoft is updating a number of its Office apps for iPad to add trackpad and mouse support, resulting in an improved iPadOS experience overall.

Several Microsoft Office apps for iPad are being updated to provide trackpad and mouse support. With Apple’s tablets becoming more powerful, and an increased number of accessories coming out, Microsoft decided it was time to update the Office apps to ensure they are optimized for use with these additional devices. The new update will make it much easier for iPad users to work in Office apps, without having to rely on touching the screen.

Microsoft Office is a good tool for both school and work users. With many opting to use a tablet instead of a computer or laptop, Office apps like Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint, have become equally important for iPad users as they are for those relying on the desktop versions. Although the apps have worked well for iPad users so far, a key element missing was the lack of trackpad and mouse support. Office apps did not previously support these accessories due to the lack of mice and trackpads available for iPadOS devices, but that situation has slowly been changing.

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Microsoft confirmed the updated trackpad and mouse support for iPad Office apps in a recent community post. Adding, whether using Apple’s Magic Keyboard or a mouse, iPad users can expect “easy cursor control, fluid navigation, and precise adjustments” going forward. The company also took the opportunity to explain that this latest update will help to “make iPad even more versatile” when it comes to working on Word, Excel, or PowerPoint.

How The Update Improves iPad

Apple iPad Magic Keyboard

The new update will provide iPad users the full advantage of their trackpads, resulting in easier control and navigation of Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. Using a trackpad or mouse will make it easier for users to highlight words or passages, change tools, or move graphics around in their document or slides. The update will also make the Microsoft Office experience on iPad more similar to what many will be used to on Mac and PC.

Besides the improved iPad accessory support, the update adds a new start screen and ribbon feature to Office apps. Microsoft stated that this was done to “provide a cleaner and more modern user experience,” allowing iPad users to find what they need more easily and focus on the current task. Microsoft also explained that the company will continue to add more updates to its Office apps to help streamline the experience. The current iPad Microsoft Office apps update has already made its way out to some, and is expected to reach all users within the next couple of weeks.

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