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Ipad pro 12.9 2020 RAM ISSUE? – Mac Rumors

Hello! I just purchased recently an ipad pro 2020 12.9 inches 256 gb. I updated right away to ipadOS 14.4 and just out of curiousity i downloaded antutu benchmark and on the device info on the RAM section, i saw 2gb free out of 6. And the only thing i got running was antutu. Then later on i entered in a bunch of apps + procreate and when i checked antutu i saw 180 MB free out of 6 GB.
The device didn’t lag that much or something but sawing the free ram being that low was alarming for me.
I came from an android device where i never had ”only” 100mb free ram. Idk if that’s how IOS manages recources but this was very strange to me personally. Has anyone experienced this? is this normal to IOS devices? ipads?


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