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Remember the days when you had to haul your flip phone around and a digital camera? Back then, the picture resolution was the only thing preventing your phone from being your one and only go-to gadget. You needed that camera. Otherwise, you’d be stuck with grainy, low-quality images for each and every photo. 

Thankfully, that’s not the case anymore. The camera on your iPhone and iPad can do a whole lot more. If you own an iPhone 7, your phone is equipped with a brand new camera system capable of 12 MP with an autofocus, IOS and quad. Even better, if you own an iPhone 7 Plus, you have two brand new camera systems that shoot as one, plus and optical 2x zoom and digital 10x zoom. 

Quick tips:

1. Adjust the camera exposure



You know that annoying box that pops up on your screen whenever you go to take a picture? Well, it might not be so annoying after all. Tap your screen to move the box to whichever area you’d like to focus on, then tap the dot beside it to instantly adjust the exposure. This will automatically fix problems with poor lighting.

2. Add a filter

Instagram isn’t the only place where you’ll find built-in filters. Your iPhone camera has a built-in photo editor as well, including basic tools. 

Want to create a whimsical effect? Or how about a classic black and white? All of these filters can be found in your camera app just by tapping on the image you’d like to edit.

Beneath the image, you’ll find an icon that looks like lines with beads. Tap this icon and you’ll find editing tools such as cropping, angle adjustment, contrast settings and filters.

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