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Laptops for KidZ Delivers 34 Laptops to Barnstable Intermediate School – Cape Cod Today

Laptops for KidZ volunteer Hunter Crossman delivers box after box of laptops to Barnstable Intermediate School assistant principal Daniel Case Friday afternoon. (CCToday photo)

The Laptops for KidZ project delivered 34 laptops to Barnstable Intermediate School Friday afternoon.  Laptops for KidZ provides schools with laptops for children who would not otherwise have access to a computer outside school hours.

Friday’s delivery consisted of 15 refurbished Acer Chromebooks and 19 refurbished Dell laptops.  Laptops for KidZ accepts donated Windows laptops and Google Chromebooks.  The devices are refurbished by LFK’s team of volunteer technicians and then are delivered to schools that have students waiting to receive them.  Windows laptops each receive a fresh copy of Microsoft Windows 10 Professional, provided to the Masonic Angels as a non-profit member of the Microsoft Registered Refurbisher Program.

This block of laptops was requested by Barnstable Intermediate School counselors over the summer months and was delivered upon completion.  The refurbished Chromebooks were received through the generosity of a donor.  The Dell laptops were from blocks of machines donated by Kronos Corporation and Carousel Corporation.

This is Laptops for KidZ ninth year serving the schools of Cape Cod and eastern Massachusetts.  LFK is a project of the Masonic Angel Foundation, Inc.

Hunter Crossman, a Junior at Sturgis Charter Public School in Hyannis handles most of the LFK deliveries in Barnstable.  Hunter was in first grade when his father mentioned to one of the Masonic Angels that his son had come home with assignments to be completed online.  That initial contact was the seed that spawned nearly 3,000 laptop placements in subsequent years.  Hunter is now sixteen, driving his own car and is happy to deliver not only laptops but school supplies, winter coats and more to all the schools and agencies that work with the local Masonic Angel Foundation programs.

The laptop delivery was received most happily by Barnstable Intermediate School principal James Anderson and assistant principal Daniel Case.  Most of the machines are already allocated to students on a waiting list and will be deployed over the next few days.

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