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Learn Guitar on the Go with Rocksmith for iOS – USgamer

So you bought a guitar to punish your ma, then realized you don’t know how to play the dang thing? You might want to consider picking up Rocksmith, a “How To” PC program from Ubisoft that’s coming to iOS.

Ubisoft made a slew of announcements at its quarterly earning call today, including information about Far Cry 5, a new Assassin’s Creed title, and a new game for the Nintendo Switch. The news about Rocksmith for iOS was distributed through a press release later in the morning.


Rocksmith for iOS teaches you how to play acoustic guitars, electric guitars, and bass using your device’s built-in microphone. No plastic accessories needed. Your living room will thank you.

Rocksmith is engineered to be as fun and easy to play as Guitar Hero and Rock Band, however – and with the added benefit of actually teaching you how to play your stringed instrument of choice instead of just having you press colored buttons in time with visual cues.

According to Ubisoft’s press release, some of Rocksmith’s features include:

  • Over 80 interactive video lessons that teach basic skills and advanced skills.
  • A “dynamic difficulty system” that “reacts to each player’s abilities and tailors the difficulty level as they play, so players are always challenged but not overwhelmed.”
  • A “riff repeater” option that “allows players to customize their practice sessions by selecting part of a song, setting the difficulty and speed to their liking, and looping it until they’ve got it down.”
  • Four free songs to play along to, with the option to buy new songs via an in-app purchase. New songs will be added to the in-game store weekly.

Rocksmith for iOS is free to download, and it’s currently in soft launch on the Canadian App Store. The soft-launched edition of Rocksmith is only playable on iPad, but the final release will be compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch.

There currently aren’t any plans to bring mobile Rocksmith to Android devices, but it’s still available on PC, Xbox 360, and PlayStation 3.

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