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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. –Local organization AshaKiran is starting a monthly tea time that is meant to be a one of a kind networking event here in Huntsville.

They want to create a venue to educate and empower women, and others, to make a difference in the community. AshaKiran tea time will happen the second Thursday of every month.

Program Director Praveena Kommidi said the idea came to her after attending other networking events in Huntsville, which she felt were too singular.

“They are focused towards a particular industry, I didn’t want that,” she explained.

With AshaKiran tea time her aim is to help anyone with what they want to do, whether that be finding a job, or education. Kommidi said she wants people to have a place they can go for a mentorship environment.

“If you find a person who you’re like ‘oh I want to do what she’s doing’, and there will be a place where you can meet and kind of mentor each other. That’s what I want the tea time to grow into,” she said.

AshaKiran works to serve people of culturally sensitive communities in Huntsville. In today’s climate, this new event comes at the perfect time.

“If a person is feeling intimidated because of an immigration issue, or because of the country he is from, he needs places like this where he can go and just share, or just feel part of the community,” said Kommidi.

She said no matter what is happening around the country, a community strengthens each other. It needs everybody.

“It doesn’t matter what people say, what people think, the beliefs are different definitely. But a country is made a country because of the people it has,” she said.

The next AshaKiran Tea Time will be March 9th, at the House of Kabob in Huntsville.


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